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Uncle Grandpa: Uncle Grandpa Babies (2015)
Season 2, Episode 19
21 April 2019
This is one of the best parodies ever made. This perfectly makes fun of the Babies idea from the 90's.
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Frozen Face-Off (2011)
Season 8, Episode 4
Good or Bad?
7 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I really like this special, while you think this would be another Christmas Who, it isn't a Christmas special. You also might think this would have Plankton hijack the plot, but here, it makes sense. Having Plankton steal the formula while the main cast is racing makes a lot of sense.

The story begins with the cast starting a race, with Plankton leaving to steal the formula. Now, here's a way I can summarize it, the main cast getting lost and trying to make it home. But I digress, we also have an actually good joke about Patrick being Stupid, as there's no malice, it's him using gummy worms to sleigh. Patrick joins SpongeBob, and then we cut to Plankton trying to break the safe. After he fails, we cut to Sandy's mechanical worms malfunctioning and Squidward freezing in water, underwater. SpongeBob and Patrick first find Squidward, then Sandy. And then we get a joke about Mr. Krabs being cheap, and he gets punished for it, like he should. Mr. Krabs joins SpongeBob, and they get lost. We get a call back to The Camping Episode, by having Squidward melting while saying "NO!". We then see a monster made in stop-motion, apparently this ate Mr Krabs' crew, and he never saw it again. Squidward freezes again, and they escape, only for Mr Krabs to bail on them. After a lot of travelling, they find Karen and a robo Plankton. Karen reveals Plankton's plan, and eventually Gary is too cold to keep moving the sleigh, so SpongeBob decides to move it. After more travelling, they find Mr Krabs, only for everyone except Sandy to freeze. After burning the sleigh, everyone makes it back to Bikini Bottom, only to find out Plankton has the secret formula. Patrick then opens the bottle and gives it to Plankton, after getting trapped. The monster returns and Plankton thinks the monster wants the cast, only to find out it only wanted Patrick's candy. And then the monster eats him.

And that was Frozen Face-Off.
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31 March 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You thought Krabby Patty Creature Feature was creepy, this somehow surpases that by a mile. The concept of Krabs getting paranoia, is fascinating. And they somehow managed to portray it realistically. Here's the basic plot summary.

Mr Krabs gets paranoia due to Plankton not stealing the formula for weeks. In fact, he gets so paranoid he fires his own employees as he thinks they're working for Plankton. Does anyone realised this is the 5th time SpongeBob has been fired? Anyway, he starts hallucinating Plankton all over the place. even his eyes turn into Plankton. It revealed at the end though that they were celebrating an anniversary about Plankton stealing the formula.

While you might think this sounds like One Coarse Meal, and yes it has the same concept. Here, it's not someone torturing him, it Krabs torturing himself, so it works here. It's also creepy in the good way, not creepy in the bad way.
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