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Black Lightning (2018– )
Hmmm, why are people slamming this show
18 January 2018
Black Lightning's first episode was super cool and I see the potential for it to get even better. There was nothing "over the top" or "a bit too much" to a viewer with a mature and REALISTIC awareness to today's American Culture (for non-white individuals). Portraying such situations is reality and if that offends you then you simply deny reality. A comment was made that BLM created this show, how ignorant. If a drama showing what others experience irks you then perhaps YOU should not feel entitled to harshly judge what YOU don't understand. It's not for YOU so move along rather than try to destroy it -the American way- with nastiness and bigotry. The cast was perfect. His suit was just fine. The story will only get better despite what THEY say. After all, if a pathetic, unrealistic movie/shows like 300, Wonderwoman and Arrow etc can be tolerated them Black Lightning is perfectly fine. Forget what THEY say because THEY were going to be nasty regardless because this show doesn't cater to them via story line, visuals etc and it DOESN'T have too. GO BLACK LIGHTNING!!
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