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4 April 2006
I recently bought this film, I'm a long time fan of Waynes World 1 and 2. Bit disappointed that the DVD didn't have any extras but i can settle for just owning this film. My favourite parts of the film are the parts with Jim Morrison (mainly because I'm a huge fan of The Doors).

Wayne: "Who are you?" Jim: "Im Jim Morrison" Wayne: "Who's he?" Jim: "..A weird naked Indian" Wayne: "Cool"

Also i like the bit when Dell Preston is showing the groupies the machine gun turrets on the stage model. Funny and exciting this is one of the very few sequels i like. recommended to any fan of Mike Myers work.
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Spider-Plant Man (2005 TV Short)
come on its not that bad
20 December 2005
this isn't a bad comic flick. it has the supporting roles of nick frost, simon pegg nd i think the street sweeper guy was edgar wright, I'm not 2 sure tho. I'm a big simon pegg fan nd of course a fan of mr. bean! this is a good spoof and is funny in places. a good parody.

I may not be totally for this flick but it is worth seeing! the ending is pretty funny and the f.f.j part is just ace. atkinson plays a good role an d the support of all the other characters is good. nd lets face it we all love rachel stevens.

fans of mr bean or any simon pegg fans will like this, maybe not love it but be able to appreciate it.
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