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Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains (2017– )
Truly Something Special
27 August 2019
I know there are a lot of critiques about this show, and it may be because it's not like the original or like GX. However, I have to say that Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains is one of the all-time best animes I have had the pleasure to watch. I've also been a fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise since its beginning and what sets this series apart from the others is its character. It has elements of friendship and humor from the original while also taking some darker elements from the series like 5D's.

Viewers who don't like a darker more complex feel for a show like Yu-Gi-Oh probably won't like it. Others like me, however, have been waiting to have a protagonist like Yusaku who has a more believable personality and a backstory that makes you feel and care about him. His duel style is something very reminiscent of what you can expect to see in the real-life game, while also having that anime spin with the Storm Access. Also, his relationship with the rival Revolver/Varis is very enjoyable to watch and gives some nostalgia to the Yugi and Kaiba days. The theme of the show deals with virtual reality and the concept of AI programs with free will. This is an interesting concept which as the show developed started to make fans reflect on the real world. This concept really attracts those who are interested in a show that reflects the modern world but may not to those who prefer the more magical elements of previous shows like Duel Monsters and Zexal.

The show also does a good job of targeting more mature audiences. Even though the targeted audience may have been younger, the themes and concepts explored throughout have definitely been ones that all ages can use to reflect on their lives. The following behind the show and those in the Yu-Gi-Oh Community has been amazing. Also, for those trying to compare Vrains to other shows like 5D's do to the mature and darker nature, I ask that you consider each as their own. Even though the show-runner is the same both shows have been able to tell vastly different stories and develop interesting characters that will have fans for a long time.

There may be reviews out there that are negative and that's fine, cause like I said it's not for everyone. However, I do think that Yu-Gi-Oh Vrains is truly special and a show that is worth watching, even if it takes a few episodes to get into. Anything truly worth watching usually is.
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