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Something to take the edge off from Rick and Morty withdrawals
8 June 2019
When I first saw this video, I could not stop laughing. Even after watching it at least 5 times, it was still hilarious. It was in the comment section where I discovered this was based on a true event. Not only that it was based on a true story, the lines were from the actual trial verbatim. This made it even more enjoyable. You can even hear Justin Roiland break character with a chuckle when the dialogue was too unbearably funny. I couldn't get enough of this bit. I discovered this long after season 3 was over and it was a treat since season 4 is taking forever to drop. I can't believe the person that gave this a 2 star because of "bad directing" and dialogue when they are unaware that this was from a real trail. I don't know where that person's sense of humor is, or maybe they have something against Rick and Morty.
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