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I have to wear a speedo, its the law...
5 December 2005
Craig is probably one of the funniest guys on t.v. My friends and I all enjoy watching him. He is so cute and we never know what he's going to do next. My favorite characters he does are Prince Charles and Larry King. When those segments come on, I cry from laughing so hard. Many critics do not like Craig and I haven't figured out why. His show is much more entertaining than Kilborn was. Craig is also a very smart man, and he tries to play it off like he's stupid. It's actually the smart way to do it, look at Paris Hilton. OK, that was kind of mean. But anyways~ Craig always has a new "catchphrase". Cheeky wee monkey, naughty little donkey, strangely attractive pizza delivery boys, etc. I knew Craig from the Drew Carey Show but his talk show has inspired me to see some of his movies. The Big Tease and Life Without Dick are both hilarious. Saving Grace was an incredible movie. I believe Craig wrote and directed it. It was funny and moving and for the most part, believable. Besides, any movie about growing, smoking, and selling pot is always a classic.
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