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3rd season is MY favorite
16 January 2015
The third series has the best episodes; I record ANY episode in DVD when sender put 'em on air, the wau I can watch 'em again and again instead of cycling the whole saga according to the local TV network. Even though graphics leaks of details in comparison of the movies, each overview is structured flawless, especially the dual-parts episodes e.g. "Enter The Dragon". Vocal actors in original version are worth hearing. Each episode can teach something that we can notice in the others, like the referrals to past episodes or something like that when we're watching a single episodio, not like the soap operas having sequels. Publishing of all Kung phu panda saga is quite slow but I understand the work behind the animation scenes and character martial movements and arts. So I give an excellent vote to this television program !
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Space Jam (1996)
It's good mixing real characters and cartoons creatures
16 January 2015
I've recorded it so often in the past and even now. I remember the first time I've watched this, and saw one of favorite idols like Michael Jordan taking part in a mixture between cartoon world and real world. TODAY I still like this movie made from a qualified crew which arranged so good the two mixed cinematic visions. Some producer can do that too as plan and organize everything in a similar mode. THE WAY M. Jordan also does the actor makes me more fair of him than before. One of the best entertaining and sport movies of the '90s watched. Also fine the interaction between cartoons and human characters and well organized and overlapped, considering the relevance of Looneu Tunes. I recommend this movie for the families and the sport lovers !
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Every Witch Way (2014–2018)
Better than Latin TV series and dramas
16 January 2015
Well, something goes, something doesn't ! Who act better were Nick Merico, Kendall RYAN Sanders and Paula. Others (adult characters included) were less than mediocre actors ! As Italian user (not Latin then), I noticed the huge difference between Southamerican soaps and North ones a few Years ago. US series are always WIDELY better than the first ones. I think i have to blame Latin producers for that difference. Talking about each single person I prefer Kendall Sanders because of his deference and his rational behavior in the show like other American actors. I also appreciate the fairness of Emma character, even though I've never heard about the actress till now. However not bad nor good review !
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