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Circle (II) (2015)
Yes slow. Yes Good. Think The Cube.
23 October 2015
Movies like this don't need heavy analysis. For a comparison, if you've ever seen the Cube movies, think that way. There's another movie where this kid saves an Asian dude, who gives him a job watching this door, and things get weird. And another one when these people go for a job interview and end up getting each other torn up.

Always a clock and a small room involved.

It's a freaky what is going on type of thing. In this one, you see something at the end, but it makes no sense really, because you don't know the reason for anything, which, I suppose, is part of it. No one does. It just is. Worth a watch, but only once. I don't want to give away the story. The description says everything.
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Unthinkable (2010)
WOW!! I don't know what else to say!
30 September 2015
This is just a sick-ass movie. Kudos to all actors. Especially the guy playing the terrorist.

FYI, I'm not brown nosing. Not affiliated with the flick. I never really post on movies, but damn, this is a great movie.

When a flick has you saying "Wow! Did that just happen?" you must get a disk for your collection. Especially when you can watch it three times.

IMDb has the synopses so no bother with that, but if you like flicks that bend your brain and contain some serious violence look no further. This was never at my local theater, and I feel cheated, lol. I stumbled across it, actually. Damn good movie.
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Homicycle (2014)
Campy, Early 80's Style B-Movie
22 September 2015
If you have ever seen movies like The Exterminator, Corpse Grinders or Warrior of the Lost World, well, they're better in the sense that they were 'serious' story lines. This is not. This is more like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.

Essentially, a mysterious guy (or girl) on an old purple Honda Shadow, dressed in black, goes around killing bad people.

I'm not sure why the director went with filming in an old, cheesy Technicolor fashion except for the fact that it's sort of a spoof movie and intended to be funny, while still providing some blood spatter.

A three could be considered generous, but the bad acting and corniness was intentional, and it seemed like everyone had a good time making it. I would have said a 2.5 but that option isn't available. Not something I would buy for my collection, but as a horror film buff I found it a good rainy Sunday flick to skim through.
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Drunk History (2013– )
Very cool. Wish they had this show when I was in HS.
20 March 2015
A very unique approach to telling history, I must say. I like how they usually start off at a bar and get some introspection from intelligent people regarding what the ultimate discussions will be about.

Just watching a bland, dry documentary there is a loss as to what regular people think and feel about a particular subject. This series offers that in spades.

The actual story is great because not only is it appealing to a college crowd and fun people, the story tellers go into details and even discuss historic figures who never make in the regular history books, and deserve some credit not administered by the mainstream.

If you like South Park and Family Guy, you'll definitely enjoy these shows, and maybe learn something new in the process.
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The Door (IV) (2014)
Great Movie! (*potential spoiler*)
18 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
My first review, so be gentle :p ... Naah, abuse me all you want.

First, my horror movie experience began in 1983 or so, with Faces of Death, thanks to my morbid brother. Since then my horror and suspense flick taste has brought me to using IMDb to quench my thirst for hidden gems.

I liked the fact that it does a lot with nothing, basically. The filming is quality which makes up for a lot. When a movie looks like it was done on an old JVC VCR cassette camera and nobody bothered to clean up the video noise or level the audio I lose interest, unless its a documentary or done on purpose like a 'found footage' piece. Even then, you can see some effort to keep it flowing and 'movie'-ish. I lack the tech description for it, but it was a movie and not some toy store crap.

That being said, it is a professional-looking piece. I always wanted to know what the antagonist was, but I didn't really care because I felt it was like finding the purpose to the game, is the purpose of the game.

I hope they do a part II that includes some background to the Asian guy and the Warehouse, like Star Wars did the (end?) before the beginning.

Sadly, when I saw 'As Above So Below' with all the hype I was pumped, but after that, if I had to buy a ticket again between the two, this is hands-down the choice, no question. That's my next review.

Either way, as a stand-alone flick it is a satisfactory experience.
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