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Welcome to Sweden (2014–2015)
Spot On
18 July 2014
I am married to a Swede. This show is incredibly close to reality in many, many ways to the hilarity and confusion experienced by many Americans (or Canadians) when in Sweden. Now, according to my wife, who's from Very Southern Sweden, the Characters have Stockholm accents. Like many places in the world, Swedes who are not from Stockholm, dislike the people there- kinda like Wisconsiners feelings towards Chicagoans, who they glowingly refer to as FIBS (F*****g Illinois B****rds). All that aside, this show is unbelievably funny. Swedes in general, I have found, in my 6 trips there and interactions with many in the USA, are generous, caring, funny, outgoing and humble. If you haven't seen this show (NBC, Thursday's 9pm EST), check it out. We look forward to it all week, as does my entire family, as does hers in Sweden, though the show is in it's 2nd season there. Peace~
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