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romantic, soft
21 July 2014
If someone has already watched a Shamim Sarif's movie, he could see many differences. They are the result of director's evolution in movie techniques. The color of scene is so vibrant, the dialogue is deeper and the end is something that you can't imagine. What is still the same is her passion for the historical background: South Africa at the beginning of Apartheid era. From the story you can do many reflections: first of all about the racism not only between black and white, but also between mulatto and black. There is another important theme: the homosexuality, a relevant issue in the contemporary society, which it is still considered a taboo. This film is very nice, it is better to watch alone. tin this movie the actress are also more mature in they way they act than in the previous one.
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one of nicest comedy ever!
13 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
If you want to spend 90 minutes of enjoyable relax alone or with your friends, you should watch "I can't think straight", based on same name novel. It is the story of two women who, after they met, they understood much more about their selves. This is not only a love story, it is the story of two different cultures that blend and mix: Tala comes from Jordan and Leyla comes from Palestina, while magnificent London is the best background for this love affair. There is a strong recall to Bollywood cinematography (music, costumes, characters), as a sort of homage to director's biography. The story comes also along quite quickly, so you can't be bored. This is why there are a lot of romantic and passionate scenes, but also many funny situations which joke some Indian stereotypes.
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