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3 July 2019
It's very easy to go into this show with your own personal agenda, especially if you are American. However, the purpose of television dramas, or television news, for that matter, is not to pander to agendas, but to inform people of the facts and the history that created those facts. Fact 1: Fox News was only created in 1995 but is one of the most well-known news networks globally and arguably a cultural phenomenon. Fact 2: The team that created Fox News were intelligent business people with an incredible cultural awareness. Fact 3: The Audience of Fox News is predominantly conservative. Fact 4: Not everyone who works for fox, both behind and in front of the camera are conservative. These facts alone make for some compelling viewing. Add to that a stellar cast and writers and you get The Loudest Voice. Leave your agendas at the door and get an education on American News Media.
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Great Intro and Body, Weak Conclusion
4 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The film was what you'd expect, action action action. This was great! All ran smoothly with character development and more focus on the organisation. The action was non-stop, maintaining suspense and excitement that made for a great viewing experience. This film had all the characteristics of a great action movie, until the last ten minutes! It was as if the writers had a block and decided to finish the film with classical repercussions. This was a surprising shock as the script was very solid and elevated this film above the previous Mission Impossible films. This sucked, lost sense of reality with over-used clichés that really let down a great action film.
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