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Simply put - Honest and well made.
24 January 2019
From a technical viewpoint, very well executed - lighting and Cinematography were excellent. As for writing - every character in this is so well conveyed that the actors are able to do the story justice. Joaquin Phoenix did an excellent job as expected - both him and Jonah Hill really showed some emotional range in their roles. Rooney Mara's performance was great and her chemistry with Mr. Callahan was palpable; although not nearly as much so as Mr. Callahan's screen chemistry with Donny. Even the time Jack Black and Joaquin have on screen together is magical - and weirdly enough I don't think they could've cast anyone better for Jack Black's character.

The movie ended up being more of an exploration of 12 step program than I expected, but by the end it actually gave me deeper insight and understanding of those struggling with alcoholism who seek help. Knowing tons of people who've gone through the program (recurring ones and success stories) it's given me a slightly deeper appreciation for anyone's struggle/experience.
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good try but it missed a few key marks
15 December 2018
The environment this was set in had so much potential to be an amazing movie.

However, making an action comedy out of a real tragedy was in poor taste. It not only trivialized and skimmed over the real events, but the main motivations of our 'heroes' are those of your basic drug addict - a burnout who is merely chasing a high.

I'm trying to be forgiving for it being blatant American propoganda, but i'm Having even more trouble accepting how they portray 'real journalists'. Real journalists care about telling a real story and exposing important under addressed issues. Real journalists don't make poor, reckless decisions to chase a high.

Richard Gere and Terrence Howard did what they could with a script and story that were lacking. Jesse Eisenberg is his usual self - it would be nice to see them use his range a little more.

Fun fact: my dad was a journalist who wrote in Sarajevo before and after the war.
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Evan Almighty (2007)
Assumes the audience is stupid and cuts poorly
15 December 2018
This movie aggravated me frequently.

The narrative is poorly structured and flipflops for more than half the movie. None of Evan's decisions were well motivated or even rationalized a bit - at least respect the audience's intelligence. Although maybe that's just a reflection of the religious crowd it's marketed to.

We get it, have faith in god - that makes for really bad story telling however.

It was littered with basic continuity errors that should have never happened at all.

Definitely a Netflix and chill choice, it's either a great movie to rip on together or one you won't regret not finishing.
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