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Mornings with Kerri-Anne (2002–2011)
The crapness of Channel 9 morning television.
22 April 2006
Mornings with Kerri-Anne is one of the most hilarious shows to watch just to see how bad the host fails life. The show is complete crap compared to GMA, which sadly has ended, and Kerri-Anne is in the negative scale for her funny rating. Bert Newton overtakes her without even having to exist on television. She is a repulsively bad TV host with no idea of what is going on and, as has already been said, her show is not very far from being straight infomercials. Her segments are mostly boring, with the highlight of one morning being an ugly "pet communicator". I mean, come on Kerri-Anne, there simply has to be someone better than that, anyone, even some hobo off the street would have been more interesting, and probably better looking. She pauses regularly to check her prompter coz she hasn't read the script and has no idea who her next guest is going to be (probably the pet communicator again :p). She is a complete idiot, making a fool of herself on a regular basis. A couple of these moments have been not eating the dish that she half-prepared and rambled on about being so good, and she didn't even taste any. Also, one morning they had some models on to show off what they think is the new look this winter, and Kerri-Anne went up to one of them and started stretching the velvet dress she had on just to show the viewers that it can fit anyone. Just to make it better, she informed us that she has once worn something similar, which forced me to spend what seemed like an eternity trying to stop myself from throwing up.

In conclusion, Morning with Kerri-Anne is one of the ultimate worst shows ever created upon the face of this earth. The host is oblivious to most things, and there are way too many infomercials. I am still surprised this show has survived since 2002. It is fun to watch just to see Kerri-Anne suck completely, but mostly something that will cause your first ever case of a boring headache.
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