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Abominable (I) (2019)
Good Story, Excellent Animation but should have cast an Asian Actress for Yi
27 September 2019
Great movie! Excellent story & beautiful animation! Would have rated movie higher , but greatly disappointed that the lead character, Yi, was voiced by a non-Asian actress. Hollywood did the same thing for Ghost in the Shell. To me it is a form of discrimination denying Asian actresses leading roles such as Yi.
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Aladdin (I) (2019)
Will Smith as Aladdin's Genie was Wonderful!
2 June 2019
I enjoyed Aladdin (2019) & Will Smith made a very entertaining genie and storyteller. I also appreciate the CG tiger "Rajah". I am glad I saw this one a big screen.

To be honest I prefer the Disney animated version, but this was a good live action version.
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Game of Thrones: The Iron Throne (2019)
Season 8, Episode 6
Unsatisfying Final Season 8
28 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Final Season 8 was unsatisfying & rushed.

Jon Snow Jon Snow was practically reduced to a Hodor-like mentality who was only able to utter, "she's my queen....she's my queen." When discussing Dani's madness with Tyrion. Jon was almost a blithering idiot. He wasn't even a competent military leader in the battle at King's landing and was slow to issue orders or control his army. I expected more from Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen.

Night King The Night King was too easy to kill. Sure He could withstand dragon fire big deal, but you'd think there would still be more to such a legendary evil. The choice of Arya seemed all wrong. Arya is a top notch killer, but the producers' choice still seemed to be to please the current girl power theme in Today's tv-films. The Lord of Light brought back. Beric Dondarion & Jon Snow for a purpose. Shouldn't they been the ones to destroy the Night King? Having Arya do the deed made their resurrections seem superfluous.

Jamie Lannister Having Jamie returning his obsessed love for Cersei was definitely a disappointment. He seemed to mature into a healthier person only to regress back to a selfish hateful person was upsetting.

Cersei I think she deserved to die by Jaime's hand or via Arya instead of a romantic death.

Samwell Tarly I was disappointed that the screenplay forced the s tor who played Samwell Tarly to fight as an utter coward. In a previous battle, Samwell was scared but was brave.

Tyrion I am very happy that Tyrion survived the story. He was my favorite character.

Bran Stark I was disappointed that he was not given an opportunity to warg into one of the dragons. Not essential, but I was expecting him to exhibit his super warging talents. On the other hand, I think Bran will make a wise King.

Overall I think there should have been more episodes & possibly an additional season to adequately tell the Song of Ice & Fire.
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What Men Want (2019)
Amusing Comedy
15 May 2019
What Men Want is an amusing fun comedy. It doesn't have the most original story, but the same could be said for many movies these days. Despite stating the obvious, it's worth a watch and a laugh!
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Game of Thrones: The Last of the Starks (2019)
Season 8, Episode 4
Interesting Potential Plot Twist
6 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Now that the Night King has been defeated, Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen the 6th, Dany & their supporters celebrate their hard earned victory. The Queen, Warden of the North, Advisors & other ruling members of the Stark family now turn their minds to.the Iron Throne. It was interesting to see the storyline introduce a new twist regarding the question of who should rule.... Dany or Jon? Plus Lord Varys discussing the possibility that Dany is turning tyrannical and may becoming the very ruler she has sworn to eliminate. Is Dany willing to share the throne with Jon? I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out.

Another twist: Tyrion & Jamie receive a mercenary visit from Bronn. Is Bronn deadly serious about possibly killing them? Or is he putting on a show to fool Cersei?

My interest is still peaked despite the problematic storyline of season 8 episode 3.

Other comments: 1) I was a little sad to see Jon parting ways with Ghost.

2) I don't understand why Dany didn't roast Euron & his fleet. Also why didn't she anticipate the giant crossbows & train her dragon evasive flight maneuvers before taking them south?

3) Why didn't Jamie warn the northern army about the danger of wildfire underneath King's Landing?
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Game of Thrones: The Long Night (2019)
Season 8, Episode 3
Enjoyed the Action, Horror & Adventure of "The Long Night" but where was Azhor Ahai?
30 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I enjoyed "The Long Night" for the action, horror, suspense and the pure adventure of this episode, but I had expected Jon Snow/Aegon Tagaryan the 6th or Beric Dondarion who both "died" & was resurrected per the will of the Lord of Light, and given a special mission to defeat the Night King. The screenplay totally ignored the prophecy of the return of Azor Ahai to destroy the great evil. In addition, I thought it would have taken more than a simple stab of valerian steel to kill the Night King. Sure, the Night King was resistant to Dragon Fire, but I thought it would take more than a stab of valerian steel to kill him. The white walker in season one was harder to kill than the Night King. Jon Snow stabbed the walker in the chest, but the walker continued to attack Jon. I was hoping for something more clever like Jon or Beric having to pull out the piece of dragon glass from the Night King's chest in order to destroy the Night King which would have necessitated close range fighting. Don't get me wrong, seeing Arya kill the Night King was exciting & heroic, but at the same time I felt it marginalized the need for Jon and Beric's resurrection. I also did not understand why we never saw any of the Night King's lieutenants fighting in this episode or why Dany allowed her dragon, Drogon, land amongst the walkers for so long as to allow a horde board him.

Overall, I enjoyed this episode. I was pleased with Theon's contrition and redemption...and a little sad that he had to die, but I accept that. The danger in the crypt was great, and seeing Tyrion & Sansa face danger together. It was interesting to see the Hound freeze with his confidence shaken, Arya, also shaken, until Mellisandre gives her a pep talk and Beric & Sir Jorah making the final ultimate sacrifice. I gasped when I saw Little Bear die killing the zombie giant. Great drama and had a great time.
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A Good Film but Not Great
21 September 2018
Good cast, good special effects & interesting storyline, yet it lacked story depth & attention to story details. If had been done right, the story could have been better than mediocre. First and foremost this story is about 3 people in search for love, family and finding where one belongs. The screenplay failed to show hints of romantic love between Jack Black & Cate Blanchett's characters. Jack Black showed little attachment to the Boy which could have been demonstrated by hands on magical instruction by Black to the Boy. Thirdly, the movie could have spent a scene or two with the "true friend" with the boy. Finally, I thought the back story of Black's nemesis was clumsily done. It seemed to me that this movie was half baked instead of being nurtured into a mature film that could have been fully entertaining to kids and adults. Sorry to say, but I give this film a 6.5 to 7.
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