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Before We Go (I) (2014)
Refreshing, sensitive and intelligent!
22 July 2015
I'm going to make it short. I'd rather not go into elaborate analyses and proper assessment the more so because I don't want to sound pretentious. Let me just say, that I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It is funny, thoughtful (but not overdramatised), clever and sensitive at the same time. Finally a film where love, a man and a woman and the relationship between them is treated with respect, gentleness and is elevating, and refreshing. The script is great, the acting is superb, the dialogues, those subtle gestures, looks, smiles are all in place. Nothing overdone just treated with natural care. What little glitches there are in this movie simply add to its charm. Watching this film is a great experience, it's great entertainment. I warmly recommend watching it.
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Crossbones (2014)
Might be worth sticking by
6 June 2014
I think it did have a fairly solid start. The show is altogether fresh, lively and has the promise of greater value in store. So it would surely deserve more favourable ratings especially in comparison to Black Sails which in my opinion is definitely inferior to Crossbones. I do enjoy the dialogues. It is language in use and wit. I like it when interaction between characters is not reduced to grunts, barking or the odd screams and moans. No doubt John Malkovich is deservedly hailed by critics but it is slightly far-fetched to state that but for him the show would be lacking in any flavour. Richard Coyle and Claire Foy do deliver well and for that matter so do the rest of the cast. Based on the pilot I say that the series has potential and I'm not expecting to be proved wrong.
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47 Ronin (2013)
A dishonor to 47 ronin
27 December 2013
A great disappointment! As Americans seems to have run out of all great moments of their short history worth making into a film or have exhausted all possibilities thereof they chose to pick from other cultures, and this time (in fact for many times over now) it's the Japanese again. But while The Last Samurai was a passable interpretation and rendering of a conflict and turning point in Japanese history, the 47 ronin is a disgrace. The plot is childish and predictable, the storyline is boring and full of clichés; basically it is a collection of overlong, pointless and immensely silly scenes (e.g.:fat samurai in river) between three or four short action scenes. The dialogues are flat and perhaps even American audiences will find them sappy (Last words of the dying fat samurai). The characters are very loosely handled, nonetheless Keanu Reeves and Hiroyuki Sanada do all they can within the narrow limits the script restricts them to. The costumes, the setting, the score and the visual effects are kind of all right. All in all this story would have deserved a far better treatment, and in my opinion it is a disgrace rather than a tribute to 47 ronin.
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The Wrong Mans (2013–2014)
The wrong mans is the right thing for you
30 October 2013
An epitome of splendid British comedy! A fast-paced tastefully funny show with great dialogues and laced with some appropriately portioned action scenes. The plot is simple, two male employees of an obscure town council get involved in a criminal underworld, double agent-turned culprit, law enforcement chase only to find themselves deeper in the mess. The script is smart, carefully and very well written. When you'd think you know what comes next you are in for a surprise, as the story has its twists and turns. The acting is superb, the actors in the leading roles play characters that are likable and who are quite the opposite of today's boring all muscular and super smart super heroes. We are shown two ordinary guys with ordinary thinking and who eventually do manage to make a great job of living through all sorts of dangerous situations, and even the score with the bad guys. The wrong mans is thoroughly entertaining, and is one of the very best of its kind in recent years. Strongly recommended!
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