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Saturday Night Live (1975– )
This show is not good
13 August 2005
I went from being obsessed with this show to wanting to stick a knife in my eye because it is so horrible. I rarely crack a smile when watching this show, which is really depressing because I used to be in stitches. It's way too political now. I'm all for a good political joke every now and again, but it seems like every other sketch has to do with current events and politics. Entertainment is supposed to be a break from reality, not remind you of it.

Lindsay Lohan hosted TWICE last season. I don't want to see that teenage yo-yo twice. And Kate Winslet? She's about as funny as my left ankle, plus her accent grates on my nerves. Bring back Walken, or something.

If I ran the show I'd fire everyone except Poehler.

Hate me if you want, but this crap sucks.
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Joey (2004–2006)
I'm still hopeful for Joey
12 February 2005
Let's face it: Joey isn't that funny. I still watch the show every Thursday hoping it will get better.

I think that the actors are good, but their talents as comical, whimsical characters aren't exploited in the writing. Since a few of the writers worked for "Friends" you'd expect the show to be alright, but it definitely is not. Sadly, the show gets progressively less funny every week. I only laugh out loud once or twice per episode, and sometimes I don't laugh at all, or change it to watch the OC. It's kind of depressing. I'm 100% positive that I could write a better show than any of the ones I've seen thus far.

Why was "Friends" funnier? BECAUSE IT HAD SUBPLOTS, story threads, and clever banter, all of which Joey is lacking. The show has the potential to be good. The question is: do the writers want it to be good?
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