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French and Saunders (1987– )
Are You Going To Do The Accent?
13 September 2005
There is no doubt that French and Saunders is by far one of the best sketch comedy shows in the history of television. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders- formerly the Tampon Sisters- are considered comedy royalty in Britian and recently received a well deserved Lifetime Achievement Award at the British Comedy Awards.

Although not what it used to be in the 80s and (especially) the 90s, French and Saunders are still near the top of the food-chain of comedy. The magic of earlier episodes is you didn't need to know what they were spoofing to bust a gut. In later episodes, you almost need to know what they're spoofing and watch it forwards and back. For example, a Kill Bill sketch featuring decapitation made five viewers send off letters of complaint. Had they seen the Kill Bill movies, it is more than likely they would have understood the joke.

French and Saunders will probably be around until the end of time and even then, there will still be new episodes.
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Popcultured (2005– )
Why are Canadians the only people who have to accept (and pay for) television like this?
2 August 2005
As a television viewer, I have seen great and I have seen terrible. I've seen great become terrible and terrible become great. Even in the worst television shows, there is always something to laugh at. Maybe it's one good joke or just the "so bad it's good theory." PopCultured is another terrible attempt at television by us Canadians. No wonder the world believes we live in igloos.

Elvira Kurt. As a comedian whose been in the business for years, you'd think she'd develop a style, timing and her own personality. But like PopCultured, Elvira is a rip off of another American piece of culture: Ellen DeGeneres. Anyone who labels themselves "the big d*ke" can obviously spell career suicide better than the rest of us. After a bad joke, she tries to Johnny Carson her way out of it, only making it worse. Her delivery is worse. For example the joke: "Actress Cybil Shepard says that m*****b****n keeps you young. In a related story I'm going to live forever." When you read the joke, it's a little enjoyable. When she tells it- not so much. saying the '-ever' in any joke at a higher pitch than any other words in a sentence is not good comedy.

The correspondents are not much better. One suggested that instead of having thumbs you should have plastic surgery and get two "opposable vaginas." Another says just screams "go to hell." For example, "PopCultured, you suck. Go to hell." Why do Canadians have to put up with this crap? Americans would eat networks alive if this ever hit the American airwaves and American's don't even pay for their programing on their networks (except PBS which is supported by viewers like me).

Note to all Canadians: only watch American and British programming. The only safe Canadian programming is that of CBC.
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Laughed Once
13 February 2005
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou is one of the worst movies I've seen. Another example of a great cast wasted (see Ocean's Twelve, Play It By Heart).

Steve Zissou (Bill Murray) is an deep sea explorer. When his best friend is killed by the mystical jaguar shark, he sets out on a mission to seek revenge. Zissou's son Ned (Owen Wilson), a pilot for Air Kentucky, shows up and Steve takes him on the voyage, along with a pregnant reporter (Cate Blanchette), a German who's always in shorts (Willem Dafoe), Zissou's wife (Anjelica Hustin) and a Brazilian guitarist who sings David Bowie songs (Seu Jorge). Oh an Jeff Goldbloom fits in there somewhere, for no real reason.

This movie had great potential but falls short. I laughed once while Bill Murray danced to some techno music but that's it. The computer graphics are god-awful and the story leaves too many questions unanswered. I was very disappointed at the end of the movie.

1/10, I can't recommend this to anyone.
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Hitch (I) (2005)
First Good Movie of 2005
13 February 2005
We all know January and February are not the best months for new movies, you're better off renting movies you skipped the year previous. Hitch is the first good movie of 2005. A funny and original romantic comedy well executed by a talented cast.

Hitch is the story of a "date doctor" named Alex Hitchens (Will Smith). Hitchens, AKA Hitch, helps men get the women of their dreams by teaching them the basic principles of any successful relationship. Albert (the never more hilarious Kevin James) has a crush on a woman way out of his league, Allegra Cole (Amber Valletta). She's a millionaire while he is just her accountant. Hitch teaches Albert the basics and before you know it, Albert and Allegra are on the front page of the tabloids. Hitch falls in love with a tabloid reporter named Sara (Eva Mendez) who is trying to uncover the secret of the date doctor.

Watching Smith teach James the secrets to romance is hilarious. Will Smith is perfect as the smooth talking Hitch while James is just a joy to watch. As far as romantic comedies go, this is a keeper that will be enjoyed by men and women.

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Better Than Sideways or The Aviator
24 January 2005
I don't cry at movies and often tease people who do (sorry mom), but this movie is such a masterpiece I cried after wards on the way home.

Maggie Fitzgerald (Swank) comes from your stereotypical Southwestern trailer park family. She has dreams of becoming a boxer when she stumbles into 'The Hit Pit,' an all male boxing club run by Frank Dunn (Eastwood). After Mr. Dunn tells Maggie that "Girlie tough ain't enough" and she's "too old," Dunn's right-hand man Eddie (Freeman) steps into to teach her a few things and eventually convinces Dunn to train Maggie.

Million Dollar Baby seems like a boxing movie until half way through it. Beautifully written and directed and supurbly acted it paints the human soul on the big screen. It makes you laugh and cry and nearly vomit or pass out.

10/10, a must see.
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Starting Over (2003– )
Everything you want to know about women
30 September 2004
Starting Over is maybe the best reality show on television today. It is about women trying to overcome their issues and move on with their lives. The wide range of personalities clash within the house. The emotions the show brings out in yourself are wide ranging, with a certain house guest you may feel sympathy or a lack there of. The drama never seems to end in the show. Everyday there is an issue to be brought up or a fight to be had.

Women should watch this show because it may teach you something about your life. The issues are never the same with each woman- adultery, pregnancy, authenticity and weight loss have all been covered. This is basically a man's guide to women. I am astounded at the few amount of men who watch this show. The women are talking openly about what makes them tick and why they don't trust men. A great show.
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