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How I Met Your Mother: The Bro Mitzvah (2013)
Season 8, Episode 22
Great episode after much time...
1 May 2013
well this episode is about bachelor party for Barney... nice twist though... you will love it if you love your friends getting teased... i almost having disinterest in HIMYM... but this episode changed my interest... i like the Chinese mob idea... also that North Korean joke... n Quin is looking hot as stripper and the best part is The Karate Kid... the writers has worked smartly for story as well as Joke like you are doing this to Barney, I love it... and Barney's mom is great, the way she is teaching to do it, with bread- sticks and Ring... awesome... now i am hoping for more good episode from writers...

show more BARNEYISM...!!!
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This film - Best way to Portray Sikhs in Canada or America
6 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Well, This Film is different. It doesn't show Sikhs making jokes of themselves. This is serious Film with some serious issues.

Synopsis : A Canadian born Sikh Amrit Singh had some unanswered questions in his mind about his religion an culture, but he is good at his job, researching about organ transplant techniques. He has to take a plane to Detroit to give a presentation about his theory, but at airport he got stuck in security issues due to his turban. He found that these people are interested in hiring him and gave him an offer he can't refuse, leaving behind his family and girlfriend also. When he reached Detroit, he learned that there is big politics in clinic.He thought that he is not getting chances because of his turban. So he decides to cut his hairs but decides not to told his family and even his girlfriend who also visit him in Detroit. He is also attracted to his American colleague. Also he wanted to help a lady Mary Stewart whose liver is totally damaged but hospital board didn't consider her named because she has no money. One day nearby Toronto his parents arranged a camp for children and adults to teach about Sikhism. There he argued with his father and removed his turban to show them his cut hairs. His father got hurt. He then told him his story of Sikhs in past who rebels against the Muslims and never cut there hairs.He also told him 1947 Indo-Pak Partition where his father n brother got killed in riots. He told him that don't fear for a physical death, but when conscience dies, that is a real death. Thats all for Amrit. He Got his answers. Then in Detroit, he operated Mary Stewart without the permission of clinic Board and did it successfully and quit that job. At end scene, He throws scissors in dustbin and wear turban and attends a family function.

Well, I hope this film will educates the world about Sikhism in a positive way and respect their turban, not treating them as a Cap or something.And the Sikhs should keep in mind they are not forced to keep hairs n wear turban, they are free. But if they want to have turban nobody in world can dare to STOP them.
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