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Radioactive (2019)
struggles with its message and visuals
1 May 2020
Warning: Spoilers
This movies takes a heavy duty subject, interesting mostly only for those who care about science and scientific leap-of -progress and attempts to turn it into something fit for public consumption,... oh and of course pressed into 110 minutes. Valiant effort, but it fails at mostly everything except some decent visuals, the science gets butchered (starting with omitting the co-Noblist Jacques Becquerel entirely) , scientific history gets butchered massively - possibly offending scientifically minded audiences - , the story stays utterly tepid and lukewarm, loving clicheed imagery of France and grows utterly trite when the movie tries to depict Pierre Curie as stealing Marie's thunder at the Noble price after fighting valiantly to get her included in the honour in the first place and flat-out lying about the whole procedure and Marie's presence ..... and even Rosamunde Pike struggles with what the director requires of her to carry especially with some of the most forsaken dialog possible. One clearly notices the director visualized this as facts-poor graphic novel.

The flash-backs and flash-forwards do stray in the realm of the overly melodramatic, driving home some binary, un-nuanced and utterly stereotypical assumptions (there is a short flash forward episode showing Chernobyl which given last years NF series feels utterly silly ) , and looses what energy it had extremely quickly after Pierre Curie passes out of the story

This bows too much to current Zeitgeist and ignores realities and established facts about real events, loosing the outstanding contributions Marie Curie made to science in the process .That would have made a spectacular movie. This ? This I would not recommend it even as a hagiographic biopic
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The First: Near and Far (2018)
Season 1, Episode 8
so finally (we are done ?)
8 March 2019
Having slogged through 8 episodes for predictable, overwrought and at the times presumptuous social entanglements (underlaid with "moody" music and long silent thousand yards stares which mean nothing) of the "second" five astronauts to go to Mars we actually get to go to space again..... ... phew. FINALLY

Not that any of the technology shown seems believable ( And nevermind that it is mostly a McGuffin to provide "obstacles" ==> tension) under spacefaring considerations..... unlike "the Martian's" or "Apollo 13s" relevancy and considered look at what is plausible, possible and feasible. Technology and science in this are fluff (with a focus to look "pleasing"), social drama is the sole theme of the series.... not even the "mysterious" sequences of a man repairing telephones have any repercussions or relevance., and seem like leftovers from an alternate plotline.

Overall.: A trite social Drama, disguised as Sci Fi , with an entirely predictable plot, nice production values, and wasting 4 more hours than strictly needed. Simply grabs onto the current elation of "going back to space" Would rather watch "The Martian" (or even "Red Planet"/"Mission to Mars") twice than this. Or go for a walk with the dog in freezing rain

Definitely not going to have a look at the second season. It was nice to see Natasha McElhone, Sean Penn and Oded Fehr on screen, but otherwise it feels like a wasted 6 hours of my "spare time".
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