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Station 19 (2018– )
More soap than fire
16 May 2018
If you're looking for a soap opera where the main characters happen to be firefighters then this is for you. If you want a show where the majority of drama is in the firefighting and the personal lives of the characters are expertly woven in then avoid this claptrap. I've watched 4 episodes now and my eyes are sore from rolling. I'm not a firefighter but the lack of professionalism is very difficult to ignore and really grates on the nerves, I realise two of them are vying for captain but it's like a free-for-all. They spend so much time talking about how to tackle a fire and explaining what they're going to do that it's ridiculous, there's no sense of urgency. I understand they have to explain how to tackle fires so the viewer is not left clueless, but it's so clunky. There are so many other shows that do it seamlessly without losing the urgency of the situation and pacing of the show. I like watching stuff that's so bad it's good, but this is just bad.
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Helix (I) (2015)
Save yourself the pain
3 June 2016
I like bad films. Films that are 'so bad it's good', but this? It's just bad. So awful that I stopped watching after 25 minutes and I can't remember ever doing that before. The acting is wooden, which I can overlook in films because they're entertainingly bad and have redeeming features, but this was just painful to watch. The main character is uninteresting, there are too many irrelevant characters and interactions, and it seems in this futuristic vision everyone is an *sshole. For a city sector that is crumbling the pavements are surprisingly clean, but this film is a mess. The UK DVD cover looks like it should be an action movie, the synopsis read like it had potential, so for £3 in ASDA I took a chance on it but it's going straight to the charity shop.
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