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Dolittle (2020)
Much Better Than I Expected.
4 April 2020
I expected this movie to be a cute movie targeted at little children. But came away liking it more than I thought, and I'm in my 40s.

It is a cute movie without being too cutesy that normal adults will find it annoying. But it is family friendly enough that the little ones will love it. In fact the little ones will find this an adventure story.

After the movie, I realised I watched this entire movie without feeling that parts of it were too slow or boring for me. Normally on movies, where there are boring or slow parts, I get up and do something during that period. But not in this movie. In this movie, I happily sat continuously through the entire movie, from beginning to end.

This is an adventure movie the entire family can enjoy.
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Very Slooooooooooow
23 March 2020
I tried to like this movie. I truly did as I am a fan of Gina Carano. But the overall pace is too slow for my liking. There are bits of action in between loooooong periods of slow drama but not enough to keep me glued to the screen. As a result, I went about doing something else while the movie played in the background.

The movie had plenty of promise, but in the end, it fell short.
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Don't take it seriously & you'll enjoy it
4 March 2020
I saw the low reviews of this movie before I watched it. So I had low expectations. But when I finally did watch it, I was pleasantly surprised how much more enjoyable it was. Sure some parts where a bit predictable, but the action scenes and the funny moments between the characters comes frequent enough that it kept me entertained. A credit to the director, Elizabeth Banks.

I particularly liked Kristen Stewart's portrayal of her character. A mixture of bad-ass, and funny girl. But the two other "Angel" did a good job in carrying out their characters.

Don't expect an Academy Award winning movie and might just come away entertained.
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Aladdin (2019)
It's More Musical Than Expected
26 May 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I realise the original animation was a typical Disney animation musical, but I was expecting the transition to live action would have made it more realistic and reduced most of it (singing). Similar to the transition of Cinderella, Jungle Book and Snow White.

This version will still take you on an amazing adventure, and closely follows the animation's storyline. Which for the purist of the original animation, would love. But it lacks a little atmosphere. I mean you can't help but noticed most of it was filled in a studio. It must be the lighting.

But that is not a big deal. What I kinda wished was, when the movie transitioned to live action, it was less musical and more real life.

Sure the the dance scenes during the celebration in the palace, Aladdin's entrance to the the city as Prince Ali, were appropriate, entertaining and added to the storyline, plus somewhat realistic. The same goes with Genie's singing and dancing during his first released from the lamp. Anyway, who says Genies don't do that. In fact these scenes were entertaining and goes with the flow of the story.

However, singing while being chased by palace guards, or while being sent to the dungeon, or while being reflective and gazing at the horizon? Really!? Who does that in real life? The iconic scene between Jasmine and Aladdin flying on a magic carpet and singing "A whole new world" together could have been turned into a more realistic scenario. Maybe have the song playing in the background instead, while the scene pan out.

The key actors playing the main characters, all did well bringing them to real life. Having said that, while Will Smith did a superb job as being Genie, I can't help but feel that if Robin Williams was still alive (RIP), he would have done a much better job.

Anyway, despite these gripes of mine, I did enjoy the movie. It's just the singing at non-appropriate time just slowed the story's progress.

I would have scored this movie higher if it was less musical. But lovers of the animation would love it.
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Beach Balls (1988)
Nostalgia It Ain't
7 May 2019
As a young kid, I remember fondly some great teen movies back in the 80s & 90s. So when I saw that this movie was from the same era (and I've never seen nor heard of it till then). I got excited and expected more of the same experience, as Revenge of the Nerds, The Sure Thing, My Science Project, Breakfast Club, Zapped, Ferries Buller's Day Off - you get the picture.

After watching 20 mins of it, I now understand why I've never heard of it. Simply put, this movie STINKS. Not just a little, but A LOT!

Acting is non-existent. And not just by one or two actors, but pretty much the entire cast. The dialogue - if you call it that - always seems strained, un-natural. This must have been a movie that was straight to VCR in its day.

I honestly gave this movie a chance to get better (and get going), but after 20 minutes, I no longer could stand it and stopped watching it.

If you're smart, you shouldn't even bother with it. There are better choices to spend time on out there, like watching grass grow.

You're welcome.
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Wunderland (2018)
Ouch! This movie insults your intellect.
8 June 2018
If you were expecting a modern day remake of the 60's "Battle of the Bulge" movie, sadly you will be left mightily disappointed.

The movie lacked atmosphere, nor did the director manage to covey the dangers, desperation, and fear from this battle. Considering this battle was supposed to be the largest and bloodiest battle the US fought in Europe in WWII, the movie made it look very tame, and almost calm by comparison.

It also portrayed the Germans to be stupid and disorganised, if going by how the movie's unrealistic battle scenes showed the Germans fight.

I think this movie is just an insult to the soldiers who fought there.

Save your time and watch something else.
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LA to Vegas (2018)
One laugh after another
20 March 2018
I really like this show, period!

But there are caveats when watching this.

1. This is pure entertainment and nothing more 2. This is fictional and over-styled life of frequent plane travelers and its crew between LA and Las Vegas 3. Actions done in this show will ever happen in real-life, or at least without severe consequences.

So if you like to escape the real world from time to time and be entertained, park your brain to the side, don't expect real world characters, and give this show a go.

You might just be surprised how much you'll enjoy this.
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A.P. Bio (2018– )
It's original and really funny. BUT...
20 March 2018
...that's a big BUT... I watch this show with a grain of salt and my brain switched off.

To truly enjoy this show, you need to accept that this is pure fiction and things that happen on the show will never ever happen in the real world, without the consequences that our main character never gets.

In the real world, teachers will never get away with what our main character as the new AP Bio teacher does in the show. So long as you accept this show is pure fantasy of a (or many) talented comedic writer(s) and nothing more, then you will truly enjoy watching this.

But if you like real world scenarios and comedy, give this a wide berth and move on to something else.

But if you're prepared to be entertained, prepare to park your brain to the side and give this show a go.
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Better Late Than Never (2016–2018)
Biggest surprised from TV I've ever seen - Truly funny!
25 January 2018
My mother - who's the same age as the people in this show - has been telling me how she's been enjoying it and always looked forward to watching it every week.

I never paid much attention and dismissed this simply as a show that targeted her demographic - mainly her age - plus she's always been a William Shatner fan, ever since the Star Trek days. It surely can't be for someone like me.

Yet by chance I saw the first the episode on a re-run, and could not stop laughing my head off. The show transcends various age groups. Proof that genuine funny is funny no matter how old you are.

After watching and being hooked on the first episode, I now eagerly await for the next episode. And will look forward to season 2.

My suggestion, you don't have to be a fan of the people in it to enjoy this show. Give it a try and I bet you'll be glad you did.
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Dunkirk (2017)
Utter Disappointment
5 December 2017
I was very much looking forward to seeing this movie after all the hype it got. But when I did, I was utterly disappointed.

Removing the emotions attached to this historical event when reviewing this, the movie made it look like the Dunkirk operation, was just a small evacuation of some 10,000 troops. The movie never got to convey the true scale of the operation. The movie failed to show the enormity of the entire Dunkirk evacuation.

In the real Dunkirk, the evacuation was far more chaotic than what was shown in the movie. In the movie, it looked almost organised.

Watching the movie, you never got the sense that there were over 300,000 troops evacuated during this event.

It focused too much on too few characters, and I couldn't relate to the story, nor did I get the sense of urgency, danger, and/or life or death situations faced by the characters.

I respect this historical event and admire all people that were involved in it, but in my opinion, this movie failed to convey any of the emotion and the gravity of this historical event.
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Don't Expect Another E.T. ...
2 November 2017
...or Pete's Dragon. It's nowhere near that high calibre of movie.

I really didn't know what to expect before I started watching this movie. At the beginning, the movie had the look and feel of E.T. But that soon disappeared the moment the main characters "Jake" and his brother "Mike" started acting.

Although some of the kids can actually act. One in particular - "Max" - not only can act, but is funny.

The way the military carry out their manoeuvres and act is about as convincing as the quality - or lack-thereof - of the CGI of the dinosaurs found in the movie.

The movie is supposed to be set in a small town in the USA. But I immediately noticed the houses and streets etc in the movie looked very much like houses found in Australia - which is where I'm from. I then looked at which confirmed this movie was shot in Australia. They didn't even bother using a left-hand drive version of the white van used in the movie - Australia is a right-hand drive country. But at least they got the American accent right. Or did they? So on behalf of Australia, I apologise for this movie. I promise we make better movies than this.
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So much promise...
10 October 2017
...but fails to deliver.

Ever since I've seen the trailer for this movie, I've been looking forward to seeing it. The trailer promised so much, but in the end, it was one of those movies that had all the best bits shown in the trailer.

The concept for the movie is original and I was expecting the narrative to be another Despicable Me, The Lego Movie, or Wreck It Ralph, level quality. Unfortunately from this reviewer's point of view, it wasn't.

The movie has good moments, but they were far and few between to save it from its lowly rating.

I tried to like this movie, but with characters that failed to connect with me, and too many try-hard moments, it just disappointed.

Anyone older than 12 will probably find this movie tedious.
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The Saint (2017 TV Movie)
It Tries But Never Gets There
15 July 2017
This movie had potential to be good, but fell short.

It tried in numerous occasions to lift its game but with low budget looking sets, questionable dialog, sketchy editing, accompanied with generic background music, sees this movie dragged back down.

I think the two main actors - Adam Rayner & Eliza Dushku - did a reasonable enough job, but some of the supporting cast are left wanting.

I would love to see a modern take of The Saint that befits the original, but sadly this movie isn't it. Having said that, they classed this as a TV Movie which is appropriate since this feels like a two TV episodes in one.
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Fails to Deliver
5 September 2016
One word to describe this movie... Booooooring!

The movie tries very hard to capture the loneliness and isolation of long space missions, but fails spectacularly.

It's unfortunate really, as Mark Strong delivers a great performance as the lonely but defiant astronaut who's determine to complete his mission no matter what. Sadly his performance is lost through the blandness of the movie.

Luke Wilson plays a minor rule which does not add much to the movie overall. He must have done this movie as a favour. I also feel the director went more for an artistic style representation of the story than what you'd typically expect from this genre of movies.

If you're expecting another "The Martian", this movie it ain't.
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Checkmate (I) (2015)
Don't waste your time
19 July 2016
A B-grade movie and a bad one at that. The film obviously had a small budget and it showed.

The film lacked atmosphere. There was no ambiance of background sounds, noise etc. The scenes outdoors where far too quiet. Plus where is the public? There were no people seen in the background. Making the scenes look obvious they were filed in a studio (rather than on location).

And what's worse than the acting was the lack of basic FX. Wait, I change that, the acting was worse.

Don't waste one and half hours of your time watching this. That time is better spent watching the grass grow.
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