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Envy (2004)
4 May 2004
Any Levinson fan should check this film out. Sure its your typical stupid comedy, but thats exactly what its intended to be. Anyone who enjoyed Toys or Bandits will probably enjoy this film.

Sure its not the greatest, but I do believe it is worth watching. Even from a directing standpoint its a pretty decent film.

The two main characters, Jack Black (Nick Vanderpark) and Ben Stiller (Tim Dingman) play complete opposites. From the first moment of the film you begin to see the differences between their lives. I found all of these little differences entertaining to watch.

Don't believe the reviews or what others are saying....go see it for yourself and find out.

6.5 out of 10
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Excellent Little Flick
27 March 2004
This movie is symbolic of most comic book fans. Their stories, or atleast the stories they love to read and view, are acted out in their comics.

Full of hilarious characters, excellent directing, and a strong story. This movie is based on the true story of Harvey Pekar. His unique tell is acted out on camera as you see both the actors portrayal his life, and then actual footage of the current day Pekar.

Not just for comic book fans but also anyone interested in viewing a warm hearted story about real life things. Hey, in a sense, aren't we all a little like Harvey?
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