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Portrait of a Gay Jewish Man who struggles with loss.
19 February 2013
Not a Still Live by Roberta Cantow is a delightful and unexpected personality study for Roberta. It grew out of a friendship and an intention to do a very short film, which organically grew into a feature. Not a Still Life is a sometimes funny view into the quirks and jolts of being human for one "odd bird" in Los Angeles, who suits up for battle to endure the pain of deep loss and to interpret his right moves and his disastrous missteps. It reflects on all of us and our clumsy fights to live this life. From Jung, to new-age philosophy to cooking healthy, and championing animals, his trip back into religion is the most moving and interesting.
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American Experience (1988– )
Excellent Documentary
3 July 2012
This is a wonderful film of a time past when in the future nothing has if you love history, watch it.

Angie Debo was a tireless researcher who did not understand why it is alright to take land that does not belong to you, become rich, and watch others die or become dependents to the state because you stole from them.

Has it become too time-honored a tradition in America?

The filmmaker, Martha Sandlin, does an excellent job of condensing very complicated material and bringing to life a woman who lived a full and energetic life.

BUT IMDb, please!!!! You have the wrong picture for Indians, Outlaws and Angie Debo. PLEASE CORRECT IT!
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