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Mr. St. Nick (2002 TV Movie)
Lovely frothy nonsense. Perfect Christmas fare
4 December 2009
There was no mystery son. Danny was the Grandson of Lorena's Aunt.

I really enjoyed this. I can watch Kelsey Grammar in anything, but I found that I couldn't take my eyes off Katherine Helmund. She was 74 when she made this and was so beautiful. Her bone structure is exquisite and no amount of money can replicate that. Her costumes and hair were a delight. She looked every inch a queen.

The plot may have been thin but it was still enjoyable and despite it turning out to be a scam I thought the idea behind was brilliant.

Peace and goodwill to everyone.
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Try it you'll like it!
14 June 2007
I love intriguing films and this was one of them. I didn't give the time difference a thought. I am not interested in how they could communicate over a 2 year gap. My only concern was how they were going to get together or indeed if they were going to get together. Sandra Bullock & Keanu Reeves gave two sensitive performances. I had forgotten that they had been together before in Speed. They did a great job. The dance in the garden was more moving and revealing than any of the naked humping we usually see when filmmakers try to show the audience that the couple are in love. I loved this film. It was tender and gentle. Filmmakers need to take note of these comments and give us more intellectual fare like this.
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A job well done
18 November 2005
I was interested to see how on earth any writer & director was going to manage to condense such a large novel into 2 1/2 hours of film. I think they did a sterling job. They did the only thing possible and eliminated almost all of the sub plots paring the story down to its bare bones. I disagree that any who had not read the book would be left adrift. My son hasn't read it and found no fault with the continuity and enjoyed the film very much. As the story gets 'darker' in content with each new book I was not surprised at the 12a (UK) rating and wondered if the last one will have to be an 18! :) I have no complaints to make as there is no way that you can ever do a completely faithful version of a book. How can you when you are dealing with a completely different medium? Well done to all the cast and crew for a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Can't wait for the next one!
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Radio Flyer (1992)
More to this than meets the eye.
12 March 2004
I love this film. It is so multifaceted. I read Melissa's comment and the first time I saw it I agreed with her. The ending with Bobby flying away doesn't make sense. Surely the mother would have fetched him back etc. Then I saw it again and the clue is in the end when 'Mike' (Tom Hanks) finishes telling the story and says to his sons something like...'Now you see what I mean about history being in the mind of the teller? That's the way I choose to remember it.' My reading of the film then changed. Bobby flying away to somewhere safe was merely a metaphor. He never made it. The 'King' eventually killed him. If you don't agree then watch it again.

I love it. I love children and the way their minds work and I think Tom Hanks does a terrific job in bringing the narration to life. The two young boys are absolutely marvellous and both went on to bigger and better things.

This is one of my favourite films.
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