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It feels good to be a Gangster!
3 November 2007
Like many of you I have been disappointed by the movies released so far this year. There have been very few Oscar Contenders and more than that there have been very few movies that will draw people out. I have loved the Game Plan, Across the Universe, Kingdom, Things We Lost in the Fire, Transformers and a few others. But that's a very short list consider about 10 movies come out every single week and it's November.

American Gangser has filled a void that I think many cinema goers were missing. The fact that this movie was based on a true story, a plus. The fact that Denzell and Russell meet again after 11 years when they appeared together in Virtuosity, a plus. Back then Crowe was the bad guy and Washington was the good guy. And if you remember that movie, it wasn't good. The fact that American Gangster is directed by Ridley Scott, a plus.

The movie draws you in from the very beginning. If you were like you me you were already sold by the trailers. But the fact that this was based on a true story, drew me into the story even further.

Washington plays Frank Lucas, a real life American gangster, who takes over organized crime in New York City. His rise to success is simple he uses the formula that any successful corporation uses: "Cut out the middle man" That revelation was given to him by his mentor "Bumpy" who died in a franchise store while talking about how he misses the middle man. Kinda ironic of how Frank Lucas took over.

At the same time you have Crowe who plays Richie Roberts, a cop who is trying to fight corruption in the police force. The movie took an approach of where you follow Frank Lucas and care about him and at the same time you follow Richie Roberts and you care about him.

It's kinda odd because you are rooting for both sides. Richie Roberts is a goodie two shoe cop who does everything the right way. Frank Lucas is a ruthless crime boss who wants to do what he cans to help his family.

The movie is filmed in a gritty and raw New York/New Jersey. The back drop of the Vietnman war and the American soldiers addiction to narcotics really hit home. It was like a juxtaposition our soldiers are fighting for freedom in a place that is enslaving them with drugs. And not only that they were sending that bondage back home.

American Gangster will not be a Scarface or a Godfather, but what makes American Gangster stand alone is that it's just a street story. This movie shows you how easy it is to get caught up on the wrong side and not even realize that you are there.

Crowe and Washington will both probably get Oscar nominations for this film, and I think they expect it with the November release.

Go see this movie. I must say Hollywood is getting it right. First "Kingdom" then "Across the Universe", then "Things we Lost in the Fire" and now "American Gangster." 2007 has a shot of not being the worse movie year ever in history.

American Gangster will develop a cult following and I fear it spawn a whole new generation of American Gangsters.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10. The only thing I wish they would have done differently, but I'm sure this will be on the DVD is to show the real life Roberts and Lucas who were consultants on the film.

"The movie critic who still pays the price of admission" Go see this film!
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Death Proof (2007)
If only I was Death Proof then I could take all of that talking!
2 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Okay guys, I waited until this one came on DVD, i did not want to sit through a 3 hour movie. So now that Death Proof came out on it's on, I was more than excited.

So with my microwave popcorn in hand I started to view this movie. I remember thinking several times through this, when are people going to die. I remember QT talking about it being a throw back 70's slasher films. So as the movie dragged on and the girls talked, and talked, and talked. And hold just wait, there was something else, even more talking. When the action finally came it really came. But I must say I don't think I enjoyed the action in the way QT would have wanted me to. I was just happy that all of those blasted girls died and i didn't have hear talking about going to the lake house one more time.

I was so excited to see them die, I rewound the movie to see it again and again. I felt a false sense of glory doing that. Then I thought to my self, how glad I was for not going to see this one at the movie, because I would've been so upset to not to see those girls die again.

Then the movie skips 14 months and introduces a new set of girls. Guess what they do? No, I'll wait take a guess............. They Talk and talk, but at least these girls talk about cars and stuff so it was kinda worth listening to. 35+ more minutes of talking and then comes action.

The last 10 minutes was my favorite of the entire movie. It was an amazing chase scene. And I mean amazing! QT did a great job with that. But the script, the story, and the acting was all subpar. I expected more out of QT. This would have made a great short film if they would have cut out 70% of the dialog focused on the slasher character and then just kill some people already.

It's funny that in the DVD extras QT talks about whether or not he has reached his ceiling as a director. So Mr. Quention One Question: Does your head hurt, because you hit the ceiling hard! Can't wait until you do a better movie, but this one is juice box worthy. That means (It sucks).

"The movie critic who stills pays for the price of admission" I give this movie a 5 out of ten, it would've gotten lower, but you that chase scene was a amazing, but not enough to save this bad B movie.
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Transformers (2007)
More than Meets the Eye
1 November 2007
Well, i grew up watching the Transformers cartoon after school everyday. So I was familiar with all of the characters and I knew all of the back story.

The movie did a horrible job of setting up new fans on the complete story of Transformers, but I know sequels will be made and more transformer revelations will be made then.

Before I start my review do you even remember the theme song for transformers. Sure you all know this part

"Transformers More than meets the eye Transformers Robots in Disguise"

But there is an actually an entire song by a group called Lion. So for those that are mad that I gave the movie a 7, if you don't know as much about transformers than I do, you get a juice box stick a straw in it and suck it!

Tranformers the movie is really amazing. I was blown away by how much CG effect has grown through the years. The robots fighting in the downtown shots were worth the price of admission. Many guys will like the movie for the action shot, hot cars, robots, and Megan Fox.

It's one of the movie that I know both girls and guys will like, whether or not they know anything about Transformers. When they leave the movie they will be fans.

The movie did drag in several places, but overall it was good. So let me know what you think. The last movie critic who still pays the price of admission.
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The Kingdom (2007)
Your Kingdom Come
1 November 2007
Wow! Many times movie trailers lie. But the trailer for this movie says that it will be one of the exhilarating joys ride you can take, especially the last 30 minutes. They were so right.

Kingdom is a movie about one of our modern day fears: terrorism. I was actually educated in this movie. I was not aware that we had American Territories were Americans worked and existed as their own in other foreign countries. One of these camps are in Saudi Arabia. An elite FBI team was sent there after some pretty horrific attacks on the Americans that lived there. The movie does an excellent job during the opening showing you how much Saudi Arabia and America are interconnected.

Jamiee Foxx gives another electrifying performance. I'm not the biggest fan of Foxx but when he's on he's on. And this is his best performance since Ray. But really what could be worse than his stint in Stealth. Was actually glad the evil robot plane killed him. But in Kingdom he is amazing and believable. He won't be getting an Oscar nod for this performance but it is a must see.

His support cast of Jennifer Garner, Justin Bateman, and Chris Cooper were a superb cast for this movie. When I saw the cast list you would think it would be a cheesy comic based action drama, but it's the real deal.

The thing that grab me is that you really feel like you are there. The scenario they set up is so real, that you feel a part of all the intense action that occurs on screen. By the end of the movie I guarantee that you will be on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what happens next! Well that's what I think. The Last movie critic who pays for admission. Let me know what you think. Look for me on myspace.
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Take me Across the Universe
30 October 2007
Imagine if you will Moulin Rouge meeting the Beatles. This is the best way to describe the effect of this movie. Acoss the Universe is a movie written totally around Beatle's song lyrics. That in itself was a hard feat, but to make the songs tell a complete story was another challenge.

The movie was genius in so many ways. I initially didn't expect to like the movie very much because the previews seem a bit odd. Then we had such a hard time trying to find the movie, because it didn't release nationwide until a few weeks later, then I finally got to see it.

The music clearly drives the movie. Don't worry, if you are not a hard core beatles fan, which I am not, you will still love the music. I was really impressed with the new arrangement of some of the songs. The cast was absolutely amazing. Their voices were so impressive. This is a good movie. But what I have discovered from my students and my friends is that you are going to love it or hate it...not many people in the middle. I wonder where you are going to be?
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Amazing Movie
22 October 2007
This movie played out on screen like a book. It was so amazing to watch. I really loved how there was no music playing for like the first 15 minutes of the movie. This was one powerful film which is sure to get some Oscar nominations. Go see this film, it's a shame they didn't promote it better!

I was so impressed with Bencio Del Torro he gave one of the best male performances that I have seen in a movie in a while. He was so believable as a recovering heroine addict. Halle Berry was sensational as a wife who is now learning to cope with the loss of her husband. This movie has a really nice weave affect to it. It jumps back and forth from beginning to end, but in non-intrusive way. I would highly recommend this film to anyone who loves movies. It is now on the top of my must see movie list!
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Idlewild (2006)
I know right!
2 September 2006
I was just as surprised as you. I was kinda concerned going to see a movie starring two rappers. But Andre 3000 did do a good job in Four Brothers. So I wanted to give it a try.

I was pleasantly surprised at the originality in this film. The dancing, the merging of the music and the times were all exciting. The movie did however lack in some areas, it was a musical and a lot of the songs were cut short. Not good for a musical. You gotta give the fans something to sing along to. I went right out and bough the idle wild soundtrack/album and didn't have a several of the good numbers from the movie on it. I was a little disappointed about that.

But overall I think the acting and cinematography were superb in this movie. I would recommend Idlewild to anyone who loves 20's movies. This one has a nice twist. And it doesn't end the way you think it should. I give them great props for holding down their creativity to the end.

And for those of you who didn't know, this movie was totally the brain child of Andre 3000 and Big Boi. I must say those guys are pretty deep and so expansive in their musical styling to pull off a musical of this magnitude.

Go see this film. It's worth the 10 bucks!
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The Descent (2005)
Girls in a cave
2 September 2006
I gotta say I'm not a fan of horror movies, because they are normally so comical in their set-up. But the Descent gives you more. It actually gives you characters you care about.

Everyone could kind of imagine the scenario that will lead these thrill seeking women into a cave. But there's a twist, which I won't ruin.

This movie was incredible. It had so many shockers and most importantly you get to scream on the people on the screen in their sheer ignorance. It's what a horror movie should be.

I would highly recommend this flick to everyone. This is the type of horror movie you would watch over and over again on DVD with your friends.
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I expected more from M. Night
3 August 2006
Well like many of you I am a fan of most of M. Night's work... Unbreakable Sixth Sense Signs The Village ( I liked it, but I hated the promotions for it)

and now Lady in the Water.

I must say this is by far the worst of all his movies. I love the world that he takes you into with this made up fairytale and unlikely narrator in an Asian college student. But the movie is lacking. Like all of M. Night's movie their is a huge plot twist in which this one is no different. But this plot twist was so easy to figure out, well for me and my movie companion anyway.

The ending of this movie is just horrible. He didn't tie up all of the loose ends that the movie created. It would be better as a set up for a sequel, but he never does sequels.

It would have been a great movie to just tell the story about where the lady in the water was from and then go into the movie we saw or let's go to her world at the end of the movie.

I get this movie is designed to make you think about what kind of world we live in. But at the same time he insults his fans, critics, and movie producers all in one movie. I think M. Night is making a serious career mistake. He had a name big enough to draw you into movies off of his name alone, one more horrible movie can anyone say "Woody Allen".

He should probably try a piece not written by him. Just a thought.

YOU KNOW The original Disney's producers of this movie said that he was missing something in this script and they suggested he change some of it. Instead of re-writing it he got so upset with the Disney production team for not understanding the work he shopped it around and it ended up at Warner Bros who produced it without change, simply because of his name. Should've listened to Disney and he would've made a movie that made more sense and he would've made more at the box office.

He was going for gold and barely got glitter!
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The Devil wears an Oscar
11 July 2006
I went to go see this movie, because I though the way they marketed this with the theatrical trailer was genius. If any of you have been to the movie theatres in the past two months you have seen the trailer for this movie and thought you walked in on the wrong movie, because the trailer is the opening sequence of the movie, which I thought was such genius marketing strategy! So here's my review, if that trailer peaked your curiosity then you should see the movie. The movie is slick, fast paced, view of the deep dark side of the fashion industry.

Ms. Streep gives a performance which was incredible. She WILL BE nominated for supporting actress nomination, or the academy is a joke.

Anne Hatheway with her big eyes did a great job of playing the budding new assistant who has to fit into a dark world of fashion. Her transformation in this movie is really good. This is much better than her princess diaries role, although similar.

My girlfriend enjoyed all of the brand names of clothes featuring in the movie, which I'm don't have that big of an eye for. But every scene she was like "I want that". So I think the costume people did a great job in that respect to make a movie two years ago that is still fashionably hip today.

I enjoyed this movie. It's not one of those movies that will go down in history, but Ms. Streep's performance will!
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Superman Really Returns
9 July 2006
I am a big fan of the superman franchise. I was kinda into the comic books, but comic books has never been my thing. I remember when I saw the very first Superman movie and it made me believe I could fly. And no that was not a shot out to R. Kelly. :P Then Superman II and III added even more wonderment to the man of steel and made him so human and so believable.

Now in Superman Returns the journey returns in a powerful. The movie starts like 10 years or so after Superman III and Superman has just came back from a 5 year journey to Krypton and Lois is engaged with a child.

Superman starts off so cool with a remake of the opening credits using the original score that you remember from all of the superman movies. This movies is fast, slick, creative and most importantly the scenes were Superman actually fly seem so real.

A whole new generation of superman fans will be born in the generation that has been used to X Men, Spiderman, Fantastic Four, Electra, Dare Devil, Blade, and host of other comic book to screen superstars in the last decade. But Superman returns is in a league all of it's on.

Superman and Spiderman I think are the best of the comic book to screen series because of the human element that you can relate to in each of them.

In Superman returns Superman struggles with being the only person left from his planet. You know that is such a human thing so many people fell when they are the outcast in a situation. There was one scene with Lois that Superman took on an almost Jesus quality when they referred to him as being the savior of the world.

This movie is not campy like the first superman movie, it's a little dark and intense at time, but overall I think this is the best Superman Movie since Superman I.
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A Very Romantic Movie
26 June 2006
As all of my theatre students know I am not a big fan of Keanu Reeves. I think his style of acting is so one dimensional. That's why he worked out so great in The Matrix, Speed, and Johnny Nnemonic.

But with all of that being said! Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock have a great on screen chemistry. There is a new depth to Keanu Reeves that I didn't know he was capable of. He played a distraught love sick man really well.

I also love this movie pick for Sandra Bullock. She has made it no secret that she doesn't want to do Romantic Comedies anymore so she has been choosing roles to stretch herself as an actress. She was absolutely genius in "Crash". In Lake House you see a range of emotions from Sandra that you only get to see at the end of most of her movies.

So to the review the movie is a really good date movie. The story follows the lives of two lovers who live two years apart. There is an event that triggered their meeting, but I don't want to ruin the movie for you.

When you go to this movie allow yourself to be suspended in disbelief and forget all of the trailers you watch and just let the movie unfold before your eyes.

This was like watching a piece of artwork being developed before your eyes. The imagery in this movie is stunning.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that Sandra Bullock may have just earned herself a well deserved Oscar nomination with this performance. Yes, I'm serious. You guys know I picked all of the winners from last year, before the awards even picked their nominees. But she is my first female nominee for the 2007 Oscars.

Go see this movie it's a great ride.
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The Break-Up (2006)
The Break-Up
13 June 2006
The Break-Up, despite what you heard, is not a romantic comedy. It's a comedy-drama.

It's story of boy meets girl. Boy is an idiot. Girl falls in love with the idiot. Girl gets tired of boy being an idiot. Boy makes girl even more mad by not changing. Boy finally decides to change and girl doesn't want him anymore.

That's pretty much real life. I love the energy of this movie. The scenes in which there are conflict between the Vaughn and Anniston characters are great moments of cinema.

Their arguments they have seem more real life than Hollywood. The most appealing thing about this movie you either know someone in their situation or you are in their situation.

What really pulls this story line together because you get to see how different they are and everything tells you that they shouldn't work, but somehow they manage to make it work. You get real depth into both characters and not just gag lines to keep the story going.

This is a good movie, not the best comedy drama, but it is worth watching. I would highly recommend this movie, now a lot of people on here did not give this movie a good review or a good rating. If you go in expecting a romantic comedy then you will be disappointed, but if you go in expecting a comedy drama then you will love it.
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The best of the trilogy
5 June 2006
X3 really lived up to all of the hype. This movie was darker and more slick. I love the intricate story line in this one.

If you haven't seen the first two, this movie really does a good job of standing alone as it's own movie.

I was so shocked with some of the developments in the movie. I'm not a true comic book fan, so it's a couple of things that happen in the movie that are really going to take you off guard.

They call it "The Last Stand" for a reason.

This movie was good from beginning to end, a rare find in a big budget film like this, but it was actually a pretty good piece of cinema.

Even Kelsey Grammar kicks butt as Beast.

Go see this movie it was absolutely a good movie!
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Stick It (2006)
Stick It (The Gymnastics version of Bring It On)
14 May 2006
I thought this movie was pretty clever. The idea of a world champion gymnast quitting and then being having to force to rejoining the world of gymnastic because she got in trouble with the law was a very interesting story line. I must mention this movie was from the writers of bring it own.

The movie followed the life of "Haley" the troubled teen world champion drop out. This movie lacked the comedic timing of Bring it On. Several of the lines in the movie are extremely hilarious, but the lack of a music playing in the background in some fun scenes and moment made parts of the movie rather dull.

I enjoyed the movie, because you did get to see a side of gymnastics that I think the average viewer never gets to see. The whole thing with the "Picking Athletes" in the end of the movie was a good idea, but it was underdeveloped.

This movie set up as a great prequel, if they pick up the story line exactly where this movie ends, it would make a great movie. I felt a little jipped the way the movie ended all suddenly and everything WITH SO MANY loose ends.

The cinematography in this movie was really good. There are several shots when they are in the gym where they use some really creative angles and really creative editing.

Overall this movie does not even compare to Bring It On! but it's a decent film. It has a lot of problems with concept and character depth, but I think the target audience: Teenagers will really appreciate the sarcastic humor in this film.

A good movie to see with a group of people or with a teenager if you don't fit those two categories wait for the DVD.
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What a Rush!
9 May 2006
From the very opening credits of this movie you are drawn in. The movie starts with a very intense scene in which you don't quite understand until the movie develops.

Despite Tom Cruise off screen antics, his on screen performance is what you have come to expect out of him. Those glassy eyes really pull off this character.

This ensemble cast really did a great job of telling and directing this complex story. One disappointment there is this object in the movie called the "rabbit's foot" that you never learn what it is. I wish they would have given this object an identity.

This movie had so many twists, just when you thought you had everything figured out the movie took another turn.

This movie is a perfect action flick with a built in love story for the lady viewers.

If you love hearing loud engines, blowing stuff up, jumping off of building, car chases, run sequences, and just mayhem and mischief this is the movie for you.

If not I think Dreamworks has a new flick coming out soon! GO SEE THIS MOVIE!
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Take the Lead (2006)
Dances right into your heart
22 April 2006
O.k. the story line of this movie is one you haven't heard before, but this one is BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

I saw some reviews saying we've seen this movie before, but this one is based off a true story. This movie is about a professional ballroom dancer who is suddenly moved to help troubled youth through the art of dance.

I know this sounds laughable, but what's amazing that this really did happen.

This movie takes you on a journey into the heart of the human condition. Each student that was profiled was dealing with something that ultimately distracted them from school work or shaped who they are as a person.

This movie is filled with comedic moments, but it is filled with a lot of touching moments when you start to learn the back stories of the lead characters.

The fusion of hip hop into the Ballroom dancing world was nice. This is one of those movies that when you leave you will definitely talk about. I enjoyed it, but it isn't one of the best movies out, but it is worth seeing.

Good movie, good music.
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Inside Man (2006)
The Inside Man
30 March 2006
This movie was very slick. I was so shocked to see Spike Lee make a film like this. Before now I was really only a fan of Spike Lee's Malcolm "X" which also starred Denzell Washington.

This is an extremely brilliant suspense thriller. From the opening credits you are drawn into this movie. There are plot twists in this movie that was totally unexpected.

I was torn with the ending of this movie. Any great movie suppose to leave you wanting more, but there was so much more of this story that could have been resolved. My friend that saw the movie up until she saw the ending she thought it was great movie.

I must admit the ending was a little anti-climatic, but I think it served it purpose.

I have to go watch this one again to see all of the hidden symbolism I read about in the blogs.

This is the best Spike Lee movie ever! If you are a fan of his, you will be pleasantly surprised. Good film.
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This movie took off!
14 March 2006
First of all, I want to say to all of the critics out there that reviewed this movie so harshly. This movie was not written to be an Oscar Contender. It is a "Romantic Comedy". I think it achieved it's purpose.

This movie has all the elements you expect from a romantic comedy, love and confusion. That's the basis of all the romantic comedies I ever seen. Matthew McConaughey plays this character named "Tripp" who still lives at home with his parents and loves it.

Sarah Jessica Parker plays Paula who is an "expert" of getting men to move out their parents house.

Well there is the confusion of the story. This war of wills makes for a pretty good movie. The supporting characters in this movie were absolutely great especially the performance by Zooey Deschanel who played a very jaded Kit.

This movie works on so many levels as a romantic comedy. There is nothing Oscar worthy about this movie, it's a good old fashioned date movie that guys will love too! I give this movie a 7. Viewers beware there is a nude scene in the movie, but it's not of Sarah Jessica Parker. Go see it to find out who!
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Tyler Perry keep them coming!
26 February 2006
"Madea's Family Reunion" is a stage play adapted to screen by the original playwright Tyler Perry. Tyler Perry has a huge following because of the success of his stage plays and the DVD sales of those stage plays as well as his movie "A Diary of a Mad Black woman" This movie starts out kinda of slow with a lot of weird shots and angles, but this one is directed by Tyler Perry. This is his first time behind the camera, so that made me a little forgiving.

About 10 minutes into the movie you as the plot point was established so did those weird shots. This movie is very inspiring like all of Tyler Perry works. It is by no means a Christian movie, but is an healthy alternative for the movies put out by mainstream Hollywood.

There was a very complex story line that was dealt with in this movie. Many movie goers can really empathize with all of the main characters. Blair Underwood and Lynn Whitfield were absolutely marvelous in this movie.

In my review of "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" I suggested that Tyler Perry cast a real actor in the role of Madea to give the movie more believability. Him playing Madea on stage works great, but it doesn't work as well in a play if he insists on playing himself and the uncle, you shouldn't have other characters that look just like you. He should really take a not from Eddie Murphy, although he played several different characters in the Klumps they each all looked different to an extent. Madea her son and her nephew and her brother all look exactly alike. He should either give up doing Madea or give up the other two roles.

This movie in-spite my objections to his casting himself, was quite good. It dealt with a love story of a woman who could not overlook her dark childhood. A woman who seemed trapped in an abusive relationship. And the family reunion was a glimpse into how modern blacks have strayed away from the struggles of the past generations.

It was such an awkward scene to have those old men lusting after their own cousin.

This movie was not written to be an Academy Award Caliber movie so I can't judge it as such. I really think it played to it's idea target audience perfectly.

My family who live in South Mississippi all went to see this movie together. That's over 20 people who normally don't go to the movies went out as a family to see this one. This movie has a huge drawing power amongst blacks of all ages. My elderly grandmother went to see this movie the last movie that she saw was guess? "Diary of a Mad Black Woman".

Tyler Perry keep on making your plays into movies, because you have some good messages and you are able to draw people that Hollywood could only dream of!
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Eight Below (2006)
The Fast and the Freezing!
20 February 2006
Disney has a movie starring Paul Walker of the "Fast the Furious" franchise and Jason Biggs of the "American Pie" franchise and makes a clean family movie. And who said there wasn't a such thing as miracles? Eight below is a interesting story. From the title credits you discover that this movie is inspired by a true story.

This is a story of a man who has a strong sense of connection to his sled dogs. As you will discover from the trailer he is forced to leave the dogs behind. And this is where the movie unfolds.

You know as I was watching this movie I wanted, more but now looking back it did almost all of the right things. It was shot more like a National Geograhic piece without the sad narration.

The dogs and the winter storm are the two biggest characters in this movie. And to have pets and nature as your central characters was a big and bold transformation of the modern day movie. And that is part of the reason why the movie is slow in parts. Because your eyes and ears are not assaulted by an ongoing script. You are forced to journey into Antartica and field the cold of the snow.

This is a decent movie, it's by no means great. Nor will it garner in Academy Awards nods, but it's a Disney movie. The shots in this movie are absolutely beautiful.

And it has all the great elements you've learned to expect from a Disney movie. Love, compassion and most importantly a happy ending. Or is it? Go check out this movie.
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The 12 are back!
2 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In this sequel to Cheaper by the Dozen. I was surprised by the changes that were made. All of the original cast was brought back, but there was a new director and a new them for the second movie: An actual screenplay.

I loved the first one don't get me wrong, but it's just a good gag movie with a whole lot of pranks. This second movie explores the characters and gets at the bottom of what makes them tick. I love the fact that didn't just try to rehash the first movie to get a second. I think they started a story line they could make a least one more movie from.

This movie had it all. I just love Bonnie Hunt, and I can't wait to get the DVD to see how many lines she added. That lady is hilarious.

In this movie the family leaves Chicago to go back to a lake house. Which was a nice change of pace. WHile there they are confronted with the "super" family from their past and competition is the force that drives this movie.

On a personal note, Hillary Duff was much cuter before she lost that weight, now she looks hideous! This movie was good! I would recommend to all ages and surprising enough as a date movie! Enjoy. Disney is bringing in the big guns this year!
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The Producers (2005)
"How can I shoot you if you don't stop moving?"
2 January 2006
I was relatively new to the Producers. I knew that it was a hit Broadway play and that it travels the country, but I didn't know much about the actual play.

The movie is good, but it felt like a play. A lot of the scene changes are abrupt unlike that of RENT, but it worked as a play form movie.

I think Uma Thurman and Will Ferrell stole the show. Both of their supporting roles just seemed larger than life.

Overall this is a good movie, but then it again it makes fun of Broadway while still following the Broadway Musical Formula.

Good movie, could have used some fine tuning, but overall good!
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King Kong (2005)
Peter Jackson hits gold!
2 January 2006
King Kong was excellent. I've seen both of the two previous King Kong movies and this one is top notch.

Peter Jackson takes you a journey with the King Kong story. By the end of the movie you will be rooting for Kong instead of the helpless humans.

The special effects in this movie was absolutely incredible. There was a seamless blend between the CG and the real world. This movie was awesome.

The action sequences in this movie are astounding. Peter Jackson's use of camera angles and moving shots really bring this picture to life! King Kong will go down as one of the best remakes of all time!
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Look out Potter!
2 January 2006
Disney has finally tapped into the other family market, Christian films.

C.S. Lewis classic masterpiece has been beautifully turned into a movie. This movie has everything you expect from Disney, great direction, great special effects, and a great actors.

The first in the series, The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, was an excellent adaptation.

I took my niece who had never heard about the books, when she finished watching the movie she went and bought the whole set of books! This movie will inspire a whole new generation in the same way of Potter, and Rings.

This franchise will be a force to reckon with.

If you are looking for a good family movie with a whole lot of bang for your buck then this is the movie for you!
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