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Sesame Street (1969– )
What happended to my show?
27 March 2004
Can this really be the same show that dealt with the death of Mr. Hooper? I can't see them doing anything like that now. They used to count up to twenty. Now they sometimes go past ten. I even remember one cartoon segment where they went up to 40! I miss Mumford the Magician(ala peanut butter sandwiches!) and the honkers. I had a honker doll when I was little. Drove my folks nuts.

Please get rid of Elmo World! He doesn't even TEACH anything.('cept for that one PC Holiday Speacial) and as many others pointed out he's annoying and talks down to kids.

For people who tell me not to get upset over a kids show, I remind them that Sesame Street was a show parents could watch with their kids without being bored silly. The show had jokes that parents could get. and some awesome guest stars.

I have a feeling this show may be coming to an end. It will be replaced by Elmo's World in hour long form.

Farwell Sesmae we had great times together.
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The Cat in the Hat (1971 TV Short)
WAY better than the live action one.
23 November 2003
With Dr. Suess you're WAY better off with SHORT cartoons then live action. My favorite part is the language lesson very cool. The cartoon at least is more faithful to the book and the Dr. Suess spirit. I also hope it gets released on DVd soon. Along with The Grinch Grinches The Cat In The Hat.

Scary thought- What if those people who made the live action films do THAT story next???????????
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