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Liquid Sky (1982)
I Love those Shoes
27 January 2007
In watching this movie, the only ONE visually pleasing thing I could find was a pair of shoes. That was it. They were so cute. They were red, white, and blue wedge/platforms that had very wide band that went around the ankle. There also weren't heels for these shoes, the wedge came out at the toes and there was just a thick piece of something (maybe wood) to hold up the rest of the feet. I don't think that what I could write here would do these truly unique and beautiful shoes justice. All I can say is that you MUST see these shoes. After you get a glimpse of the shoes you can turn off the movie, the rest of it is just a big waste of time.

I guess directors ARE people too and therefore they are liable to make mistakes. Sometimes the soundtrack isn't very good. Sometimes the plot isn't well written. Sometimes there are pointless characters and sub plots. Sometimes certain scenes won't make any sense. Sometimes things are too cheesy. Sometimes the special effects can be just plain bad. Sometimes they can choose bad actors. And, sometimes those bad actors can play two roles in the movie. But it's not often that a director makes ALL of those mistakes! Some people who haven't seen this movie yet might think I'm overreacting but I'm serious here, when I say "bad acting" I mean "TERRBILE"! It was horrendous! And it wasn't just Anne Carlise who sucked in this movie. Pretty much EVERYONE sucked. The only one I thought was HALF decent was Paula Sheppard. She had some good lines.

I think the scene were this movie is killed as dead as the expression of the ENTIRE cast (except Paula, at her best) was were Jimmy and Margaret have their big old dramatic fight scene and Jimmy calls Margaret "ugly" and "chicken" and because Margaret is so sad and dead inside from all the drugs and people who push her around she told Jimmy that he was the most beautiful boy and that he should have sex with her. Of course Jimmy is gay and didn't want but it was a fashion shoot and it's not often that a magazine can publish high glamour fellatio photos. Of course Jimmy has his orgasm, and what do you know, he disappears and Margaret has to tell everyone that she kills people by sleeping with them… AND NO ONE DOES ANYTHING! Now, I'm an understanding person, I know that this is a cult film. I wasn't expecting GOLD here but I wasn't expecting this. The idea of aliens living off of orgasms is actually a pretty cool idea and the writing is KIND OF decent. I was thinking about it as I was watching… this movie is SCREAMING for a remake. SCREAMING for something better to happen with it, maybe a decent actor or two (or one hundred), maybe some half decent special effects and a good soundtrack. I want this movie to be redone and switched up a little. Give the tired, bad remakes of old horror movies a break and do something interesting with the obscure and the underground. The movie has a great concept and awesome potential, but really, it just sucks the way it is... apart from those shoes.
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North Shore (2004–2005)
Sucky Characters
7 July 2004
I will admit, I only started to watch this show for Corey Sevier and you know what... he's a decent actor but his character sucks. In fact most of the characters suck on this show they're all really annoying. I don't know if its the way how they all talk or if it's the mannerisms but I just can't take it. That being said, it's always fun to watch really bad shows just to make fun of them at the same time. It's one of my sad guilty pleasures, what can I say?

I don't know if this show will last very long my prediction is that it will end up off primetime like Baywatch but go on for a rather long time. If fox plays it's card right it can finally have another day-time soap opera. OK I know thats a little harsh no one wants to go from primetime to day-time while it still has the original cast but I really think that is whats going to happen. Either that or its going to WB.
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Party Monster (2003)
I love it, but its missing just one thing
6 March 2004
Alright, this movie was great. Great casting, great writing, great direction. This was an all around great and fun movie. Since every one already knows about the plot and the end, I'll just skip it all together. The only thing I could find wrong with this movie is that the end they don't have little captions that say what happened after that to the people in the movie. Call me crazy but I really think that this movie's audience deserves to find out what happend to James, Freeze and Brook. Especially Freeze. I have a theory, Micheal never wanted to kill Angel it just happend, I mean what do you do with some one after their head has been smashed in 3 times with a hammer. No doubt Micheal deserves punishment for his many crimes but don't you think Freeze was the actual murderer here. It's because of Freeze that Angel spent the last ONE HOUR of his life as a retard. I think the only reason Micheal got all this pinned on him is because he was the most famous & fabulous Club Kid King. Micheal if you read this know that you derserve to be in jail but freeze deserves it way more than you.
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Harrison Bergeron (1995 TV Movie)
I can still remember
11 February 2004
It's been over two years since Ive seen this movie and I can still remember it. the movie was just so mezmerizing, I couldn't stop watching it if I wanted to! I had to know what happened to harry. The movie was able to be depressing and funny at the same time, great tongue and cheek stuff. Its all in how you take it with this film. it can be precieved in so many ways. In short I loved it! this deserves to be a classic.
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Clone High (2002–2003)
What a shame...
25 January 2004
It's a shame to let a show with such good writing to go to waste, and end resolved. I loved this show. I have all the episodes, and i hope MTV knows that just because some Teenybopper thirteen year old who's prime intrests are Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake doesn't like the show is no reason to take it off the air. I've loved all of MTV's animated shows its just so sad that excepting Daria & Bevis&Butthead none of their animated shows have lasted for more than one season.
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Stigmata (1999)
You missed the point
22 December 2003
I do admit this movie really questions catholic morals but thats not what its about... the film was about showing a diferent a view on catholosism and therefore shouldnt be viewed by catholics who aren't into that type of thing. Its odd but for some reason a book all about the universe and someone who knows all about the universe is written only by onlookers and bystanders. The people who made the movie are not saying that it did or didn't happen but it is possible that these onlookers might have made a mistake on how Jesus and God want us to be. All this movie does is try to make you think deeper about religion, and I love it for that. If your like me you would really like "Dogma" too ;)
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Mabey Its Just Me
21 December 2003
Mabey its just me but this film was more disturbing than anything. I can realise why people would say that its such a masterpiece but I think the only reason it is such a masterpeice is just because of the clothes, the milk bar, the language, the emotion or lack thereof. The whole style of it is this movie's only saver, when theres bad taste in the characters they really make up for in the backdrop of the movie.... Infact thats one of the only things i really remember (or care to remember) of the movie. The bars name escapes me now but i thought it was beautifull. I guess the only reason I don't like this movie as much as everyone else is because of what I do remember... for 2weeks after watching that movie i kept thinking that someone would break into my house and try to kill me, it drove me crazy when i wanted to sleep!
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