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Every actor understands the film's mood and acts accordingly.
12 July 2011
Technically the film is just brilliant. It shows on the screen the amount of research director has been spent into the making. The sets are glossy and breath taking. The camera work is just superb. The editing is fantastic and crispy. Musically a very decent and a good effort. Especially the title song is a treat to watch for and have a feel of emotions. The acting and direction by Mukesh Asopa is very good.The actress (Swetalina) was very good and got good presence on the screen. It did not seem at all that she is a new actress and this is her First Film. She made a good pair with Raj (Mukesh).As a really good entertainer the movie gives very good music, dance, dialogs. Acting wise all are good except few supporting characters, specially in first half.This film is getting very well acceptance in prestigious film festivals and after watching it on DVD i was very satisfied with everything i got for buying my DVD it seems the reason why the movie is having extreme comments.

The masses will love it; the classes will love it too! The youth will like it too, even though they may not get certain references to the Bollywood of yesteryear's. A must watch.
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Bad Teacher (2011)
Smaller plot lines were never resolved,
12 July 2011
his film's biggest falters come in the form of the script. Despite the promise in the premise and the cast involved, the script was convoluted, and didn't have much structure until the second half. As a matter of fact, the film switches up the pace very unexpectedly when the next act approaches. Pretty much almost all the crude and vulgar humor failed to draw laughs, with one notable exception involving one of the odder "sex" scenes in recent memory. The movie was a great idea not exactly explored upon, and was full of smaller ideas that were not utilized. Many good smaller characters did not get enough time in the script; most notably the students, the gym teacher (Jason Segal) and the main character's roommate (Erik Stonestreet).

Despite the writing being a fickle mess, the cast was superb, from the small roles to the big ones. Cameron Diaz I can honestly say is one of the most underrated talents in Hollywood, because she rarely ever delivers a mediocre or weak performance. She has this aura, this energy that can save the worst of films (See: What Happens in Vegas) and it is no different here. Despite her smoking/drinking/vulgar/manipulative/cynical/cruel/superficial ways, we still secretly root for her to succeed in reaching her goal. Very few actresses can pull off this type of charm.

Lucy Punch, despite having a bit of questionable material, delivers as Diaz's rival. Jason Segal could have helped the movie a lot more if he was in it more often, as he delivered the laughs every time he was on- screen with his wit, sarcasm, and I-don't-care attitude. Television staples Phyllis Smith and Erik Stonestreet were hilarious in the far- too-few moments they were on-screen. The movie does indeed have its laughs, but the potential was so much greater considering all the talented actors involved.

Jake Kasdan as a director doesn't have much of a resume, but he does have the comedic chops and timing, and he proved this with the underrated Walk Hard. With Bad Teacher, he did not have as much good material to work with but could have still helped the movie if he had tightened the first third of the movie better. There was a lot more unnecessary fluff in the first half of the movie compared to the second half. Smaller plot lines were never resolved, certain jokes literally fell off without a punchline, and certain situations were brought up but never explored. Many concepts were also never explored: especially that of how shallow and shady we all become towards each other in the workforce.
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I found this film to be extremely boring
12 July 2011
Despite the continuous action, destruction and battles, I found this film to be extremely boring, and the final battle, which claimed the last hour of the film was far too long and drawn out and it greatly prevented me from appreciating the visual spectacle that is the final battle as it's so long it becomes tedious and I couldn't wait for it to end.

The extensive use of cgi action scenes was what ruined the film for me, and although I never fully agree with the typical view that modern films have too much cgi and effects and not enough good story, this film certainly presented a convincing case that the above statement is true. As there is so much shooting, exploding and fighting in this film there is relatively little time for dialogue, which was largely, poorly written, and full of clichés.

Finally, I didn't rate the casting of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley or her performance. She has clearly been chosen for the role for her good looks and her great sex appeal although I think she shines brighter as an underwear model than blockbuster film actress. Also, It seems unbelievable to me that Shia LaBeouf's character, although not a bad looking guy, has been in relationships with 2 characters played by women who have both topped the annual FHM 100 sexiest women in the world poll. Rosie has clearly been cast to attract more male viewers, bring sex appeal that the film didn't really need and throughout struck me as being far out of Shia's league.
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Not Bad
12 July 2011
Finally a great movie idea hasn't been wasted on a slapdash script, poor directing, and unworthy actors. Instead Director Gordon and his screenwriters have contrived a new kind of buddy comedy so ridiculous everyone can relate to it. This is achieved by the smartest casting of the year seamlessly balancing the star power of the protagonists (Bateman, Sudeikis and Day) and antagonists (Spacey, Farrel, and Aniston). Both parties are worthy of the audience's attention with each star distinguishing his or her self from the other with a unique formula of hilarity. TO make things even better Jamie Foxx can do no wrong with his portrayal of murder consultant MF.

Everything is very smooth throughout the majority of the film until the climax is reached and the resolution takes place. Gordon directs a very clever film up to this point connecting all of the characters and expressing the audience's concerns, but when it begins to conclude the film is very lazy. A disconnect sets in that is not necessarily cliché, it just should have been much better. Also, Jennifer Aniston's sexual performance is so over-the-top viewers will either love it or hate it.
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Zookeeper (2011)
the worst movie I've sat through
12 July 2011
It seems like whenever a movie studio comes along and decides to make a live action movie with talking animals it never looks right. Animals talking in Zookeeper looks pretty bad at all times. Certain animals look decent every so often, but you can usually tell it's just a CG cartoon mouth pasted over the digitally removed original mouth of the animal. This is the most noticeable with Donald the Monkey. Bernie the Gorilla seems to be the one animal that used practical effects to be animated and it just looks like somebody in an ape suit with superior puppeteering skills. It's probably about time Hollywood gave up on talking animal family movies. The only time it seems to look right is when the talking animal(s) have a supporting role rather than a main attraction.

Zookeeper is leaps and bounds the worst movie I've sat through in 2011. It is 2011's version of Furry Vengeance, which is no compliment. Kevin James plays the same character yet again while abusing physical comedy and the predictable storyline and unnerving animal voices will make you grind your teeth together in disgust. Zookeeper is the furthest thing from funny or entertaining and is about as enjoyable as a bowl of hot diarrhea soup.
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Cars 2 (2011)
The look is impressive
12 July 2011
The look is impressive but not more than anything else Pixar's done. With each movie, the studio has pushed the graphics into new levels. Each movie has had some wow moment where audiences can't help but be amazed by what they're seeing. There were times in Cars 1 when it looked almost real. Cars 2 lacks any wow factor. One of the most impressive sets, Tokyo, were already spoiled by the Tokyo Mater short. This more than anything makes me wonder if Pixar was even trying to up the ante or if they were just using what they had to make a movie a year.

Spies and Cars seems to work well together. After all, any Bond or Bourne film will easily demonstrate why the two go together. Indeed, the opening scene on the drilling platform is easily the best with the fast chase and cool gadgets. But they weren't able to properly combine the racing and spy elements, almost as if you're watching two movies at once. There's too much spy stuff for the racing to be interesting, which becomes pointless against the overpowering and overly clichéd spy story. Perhaps Pixar should have set it as simply a spy movie set in the Cars universe and had McQueen and his friends in cameos or as a background story.

Another lousy spot is the music. Cars 1 had a terrific soundtrack with excellent uses of popular songs like Life is a Highway and Route 66. But there's not one memorable song or music cue in this movie. Giacchino usually does terrific work like with The Incredibles, Ratatouille, and Up. But he too fumbles the ball here. Perhaps he was just uninspired by what he had to work with.

Cars is Lasseter's pet project. But I think he's too close to it. He's got that Lucas Star Wars prequel trilogy problem. The people around him either were in awe of the man who made Pixar and Toy Story or they were afraid to hurt his feelings since he loves the Cars franchise so much. Pixar efforts have been so well done because they were collaborative efforts, each fixing each other's problems to make a better project. But with Lasseter off working more directly with Disney, he really should have had a co-director or perhaps given the reins to someone else like he did with Toy Story 3.
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Zombie Beach (2010)
Decent horror flick,
9 July 2011
You more of less have to know what your getting into with this film.It has good acting and a big-budget look. I didn't know much about the plot going in, so some of the twists towards the end were a little unexpected for me.But a nice beach and zombies makes the title justified and tells most part of the film.What impressed me is multicultural casting,good acting,hot girls,killings and the music video "Zombie Beach".The film already got good reviews from few best film festivals and Beverly Hills-LA which says this movie is worth watching.There are a couple of surprising twists and turns near the end that add to the overall enjoyment of this. The acting & directing was well handled here by Mukesh.The locations of the film was one of the most interesting thing to look at as well.Very well done by the cast and crew.
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