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Cute, funny, smart
3 April 2017
I really liked this show and I want to see more. It has an authenticity that most other shows rarely strive for (in favor of just story). 1950's New York. 1950's marriage. You can't help but love many of the characters, even the ones you are supposed to not like (yah, even the schmuck). The acting is first rate, but no wonder. Many A-list television stars grace even the supporting characters.

I really hope Amazon picks this one up (and if you watch the pilot, please take some time to fill out the survey).
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Black Jesus (2014– )
Strong cast, witty, relevant, controversial and yet still funny
7 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
You don't have to be black and live in Compton to 'get' this show.

Jesus's second coming is subtle. He just... suddenly shows up but he's been there all along. Like boondocks, each episode carries a message, but the message is cloaked in gags and misdeeds. All in all, "Black Jesus" gives you enough to have faith, but not enough to prove it - very much like any religion.

What I like best about this show is that it grows the characters. They are not just one- dimensional. Each episode brings added attention to one or more of the characters to give them added depth and flesh them out. Only one character so far that is not multi- dimensional is the preacher. And coincidentally, he is the only one who is stereotyped.

The entire cast is great, and is given ample opportunity to develop, grow and hold my interest. One of the few shows on the air that I keep on getting surprised by.

Perspective: this review only goes to Season 2, episode 7. This show builds on previous shows.
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Fishing Naked (2015)
Could have been better but worth a watch
7 June 2015
Warning: Spoilers
To start, don't expect nudity in this movie. It's a running joke. Not that 2 of the female leads aren't pretty, but that's the norm for many movies of this ilk. What sets this apart is some native American authenticity which somewhat plays into the plot, but the writing is so poor and the dialog so stilted as to lose that part of the plot. animation/CGI is a joke but to be expected for this budget.

The two secondary Native American actors, the 'grandma' and 'police chief' are by far the most naturally funny (and with the best lines) that i honestly can say i laughed or chuckled at - and i tend to be a bit jaded. The FBI agents, the corporate guy, the pseudo photographer are painful and one-dimensional stereotypes, which help make this a grade C film.

Sadly, it has possibilities. I wish the writer/director/editor had managed to find someone to double check their script and give the actors better lines. It's hard to tell if the acting was just poor or the script just made them look bad.

All that said, I did not stop watching. I even enjoyed parts of it but suffered a bit from high expectations. Read this review, and a few of the other negative ones and then watch it. You might be surprised to also give it a "C".

In summation, fun idea, a few good actors, a lot of bad actors, terrible script, cheap CGI, nice location, some authenticism.
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Mr. Nobody (2009)
Exceptional movie from and exceptional director
2 February 2015
How could I have missed this?

Jaco Van Dormeal is an artist!

You really need to see his 2 previous films, but this is a review of "Mr.Nobody".

This is a remarkable film. It is Science Fiction (And the special effects are VERY good). It is a romance. It's hard to label it any one thing.

Put down your ipad, put away your phone and WATCH this movie. If you don't you will miss something. There are few wasted shots, few unnecessary lines. And yes, it's VERY hard to follow. There are three major story lines, but each has their own branches.

Jato Leto is fabulous. This was done just before he was nominated for an Oscar in "Dallas Buyer's Club", and you can see why he took a break between these two films. He is so many characters and yet remains the same.

The movie I saw was the standard release on Netflix. I understand the Director's cut is the only one you should watch, so go get the blu-ray so you can get a better understanding of the story Mr. Dormeal intended to tell.

One other note. The music is very nice, appropriate, and memorable. This is the last movie in which the director's brother, Pierre, contributed before his untimely death. As in the two previous efforts, it helps set the stage.

This one is worth the effort. I can not recommend it enough.
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Black Mirror (2011– )
Makes me long for more, and sadder that more are not like this.
25 January 2015

Absolutely brilliant.

This is NOT anti-utopian, it is an actual mirror of a utopian idea gone terribly wrong.

I've only watched 3 episodes so far and each one has made me think, made me go back and look again, made me ask myself why this had never occurred to me before.

I would call this sci-fi in the richest sense of the genre.... it is not about science, but how science affects human beings. The one thing that never seems to change is us. Technology evolves, mutates, advances and declines, but human beings, our feelings, our courage, fears, and desires remain within us.

I love this show. I hope you will love it too. And I hope you will think.
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We Are Kings (2014)
Uneven film with great music
1 January 2015
I'll start this off with a caveat... I'm not a fan of the blues.

That being said, the music in this little indy film is charming, varied, and enjoyable. Something for everyone. My personal favorite is Bianca Ryan singing a soft and simple rendition of "Are you from Dixie?" - not at all like the strong belting blues she normally sings. Boogie Long is equally good and adds some rather incredible guitar licks to a respectable voice.


The story and acting needed work. I'm sure some, if not all, of the actors are good at their craft, but their lines are wooden. The premise is similar to may others, and as it becomes a road movie, the only thing tying it all together is the breaks of musical interludes. I would guess that's what kept me watching. Start to finish, this could have been a much better. film, and is only saved by the music, which his actually pretty genuine. I know it's an indy, and with a minuscule budget, but it coulda been better. much better.
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Transparent (2014–2019)
8 October 2014
I repeat. Authentic.

There are only a few really good shows on television, and this is one of those few. It is not filmed with the bright lights of a movie set. There are shadows and misplaced items just like in any real home or office. The clothing looks worn, the actors bodies are imperfect.

It's perfect.

All the actors are first rate. The dialog fits in their mouths and comes easily from the gut.

Most important, this is not a one-note song. It is a symphony of harmony and, more often, dissonance. There are so many stories within this one story.

Best of all, I like being surprised. As in real life, you can not predict the characters behavior just on your own past experience. You are the unseen observer to a very real family.

I... Just... Love... This... show!
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Outlander (2014– )
Outstanding television
17 September 2014
Unquestionably the best that television has to offer. Well acted, incredible scenery, realistic and unflinching story. It's bloody, romantic, brave and humbling. Some of the reviews here indicate that they wished there were subtitles included when Gaelic is spoken, but I for one like the fact that, like Claire, I must wait for translation by a sympathetic person nearby. I have not, in a very long time, waited so impatiently for the next, and then the next episode to air.

I will repeat what other reviews have said, not to bore you, but to emphasize, how beautiful the costumes (and dirty too... this is not a clean costume drama) and countryside is. The stars of this show go far beyond the wonderful actors. Every aspect is carefully crafted.

I... Smell...Emmys.
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Coulda been a contender
1 May 2011
This could have been a great film, but instead it's only a sappy film. Great stars, reasonable acting. Story line got worse and worse as it went along, attempting to weave in additional story lines towards the end (about the time Gene Simmons came in and cemented as a grade B film with Cybil Shepard attempted to act her way out of a paper bag. Cloris Leachman was a standout, as was the young woman playing Mary. If only... if ONLY the story had stuck to it's core idea and not attempted to branch out, it could have been a hit. On the plus side, it has some potential for those of you who like sappy endings. All in all, worth a look IF it's on cable of lifetime TV.

See y'all at the movies.
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