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OTT (1982– )
Greatest Show
11 October 2006
O.T.T. was the greatest, very funny to say the P.I.T.T.S. as the last comment did. This show was not the P.I.T.T.S. and it is funny the last comment split up pitts with dots like O.T.T. There was no difference between O.T.T. and Tiswas except O.T.T. was on very late, I guess the guy who thought it was the pitts never understood the humour, look on some of the reviews O.T.T. got. Seven Million viewers for a one hour late night Saturday show. The PITTS. Obviously 7 Million people as well as myself would disagree. O.T.T. was a very funny show simply put it was late night Tiswas, Beat your Brains out was Tiswas Compettion time. The Phantom Benny Mills was still there. The greatest curse on this Country is political correctness, leading to shows like The minstrels and love thy neighbour even mind your language getting cancelled. O.T.T. was from a time when political correctness was as vulgar as it is today
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Little Britain (2003–2006)
Its rubbish
28 June 2006
I try to find humour in most things,but someone saying I'm the only gay in the village and repeating yer but no but. I admit it has me beat, I could watch it a million times and still struggle to find anything funny about it. It is about as funny as Ant and Dec are talented, and that's saying something. What is it about Little Britain people find funny, even the scene with the disabled guy is not funny. Perhaps, what I am missing, is that everything nowadays has to be politically correct so as not to offend anyone. If this is the case I can maybe understand the lack of humour in the show, perhaps what is most baffling, is how it won an award
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Pop Idol (2001–2003)
Where the Untalented meet the really Untalented
23 December 2003
Hosted by two guys Ant and Dec who could not present a show to save their lives, a group of people with very little singing ability attempt to win a recording contract. I accidently caught the end of the last show and the woman said it is for people who the record companies would normally not notice. Need i say more.
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