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Odd Thomas (2013)
A good start to the Odd Thomas series
17 February 2015
I liked this first outing to Pico Mundo, I'm really hoping this is the beginning of a series of Odd Thomas films. There's action, romance, supernatural events and plot twists that will really tug on your heart strings.

However, I suggest you read the book first, right the way up to Odd finishing his business at the mall. Then stop reading go get the film and watch it.

For some reason the film makers decided to cut about 30% of the book out of the film, so reading what I suggested above will fill you in on all the details. You can then watch the film, make more sense of things and still get the big plot twist at the end.
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A good return to the Superman series which opens the door for many more...
2 July 2006
My first thought upon leaving the cinema was "I liked that, bit slow in places, but good all the same". Now I've had time to think about it a little more I think the 'bit slow' part was unjustified. There was a lot of story to get in and so there had to moments when Supe's wasn't deflecting bullets, catching signs, saving planes full of journo's etc... Otherwise the whole movie would have been one big special effect.

I particularly like the way that it ignores the horrors that were Superman III and IV! Saying that there are a few holes in the story - What was that thing he flew back in from Krypton? Where did it come from? How did he hold his breath for 5 years (in the old cartoons didn't he have to take oxygen with him into space?) How come no body questions the fact that Clark and Supe's both disappear at the same time and come back at the same time? Just how deep can Lois dive while wearing a full ball gown? Towards the end, when Supes is carrying the rather large rock, and Luthor flys by, why didn't he xray vision the helicopter? There are others but I don't want to give things away for anyone who's not seen it, but the most important other continuity error - he appears to have left his yellow belt back in space, why haven't his pants fell down yet? Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey and Kate Bosworh fit their roles very well (especially Spacey - manic, power crazy and dark, just what Luthor should be). Not sure about Frank Langella as Perry White, something missing there. And Marlon Brando - how well has he aged!?! You wouldn't think he was dead, looks exactly like he did in the first film! ;-) My favourite part - the whole plane/shuttle thingy (again not wanting to give too much away). You almost feel like cheering along with the crowd in the stadium :-) Well worth the money to go and watch. And the best bit - the door is wide open for more Superman films (you'll know what I mean when Brutus gets his final music lesson). I hope Bryan Singer can be persuaded to stay on as I'm really looking forward to seeing more of ol' red pants and his amazing adventures.
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Lord of the Piercing (2002 TV Short)
Beware where you watch this...
11 June 2003
It's smutty and rude but very funny :) The best way to see if this is for you - do you like American Pie, Road Trip, Dumb & Dummer as a bit of no brained fun? If so you will like this - although it would also help to have seen the original LOTR film. If you think its for you don't watch it in a place where you can't laugh out loud. You might pop!
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