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Excellent. Total "Satisfaction"
21 April 2004
I'm a HUGE fan of the Rolling Stones and I was very excited when 4 Flicks came out. Its packed with commentaries,behind-the-scenes footage,concerts and clips of the Stones in the 60s and more. The first DVD was one of the best ones. It features a little less than the others but its by far my favorite.Its a little bit more about the Stones themselves than it is about their shows. There's also loads of special guests at the concerts and such. One of them being Sheryl Crow. I got 4 Flicks as a Christmas present and I was equally excited to get a cute little guitar pick inside it. I was surprised by how planned out it was. There was a great crew on this, even if it wasn't a terribly large team. I was impressed by how much work went into this. Anyway, overall, 4 Flicks is excellent.
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Orange County (2002)
It's a lot better than you might think it is.
31 May 2003
When I first saw Orange County as a trailer, I thought it was just another teen movie. So I rented it and was surprised. It actually was pretty good. The movie had big and minor names and a sensible plot. Shaun Brumder was a likeable character and was very much like a modern day Holden Caulfield.It was laugh out loud hilarious with a different kind of comedy because it was ACTUALLY FUNNY.

Overall, Orange County is a great movie if your tired and need a laugh.Or if you're a big fan of Jack Black or Ben Stiller.
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