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Aquaman (2018)
Aquaman - Hero of Atlantis
16 December 2018
"Kind is the one who protects the kingdom but Hero is the one who protects everyone" Aquaman with High expectations after five minutes trailer Had kept its promise. James Wan direction and the screenplay makes audience feel extraordinary. Non stop action sequences in 3D and background music makes movie much more interesting. I feel no critic can give negative review for this film. Very happy that India got early chance to watch the movie. After watching Post Credit Scene, Eagerly waiting for Aquaman 2
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Director's Failure
10 January 2018
The most hyped Agnyathavasi was trembled at box office because of slow narration and boring screenplay. Although pawan kalyan was best in his acting, the screenplay made him look dull. On a while the viewer feels that a short story is dragged for two and half hour movie and test ones patience. Music is average. Two heroines are present just for songs. Lame comedy scenes at times. Attarintiki Daredi traces can be seen as kushboo in place of nadia, koteswararao in place of brahmi character. Unnecessary and unbelievable fights, Unnecessary production costs. Overall it is clearly out of sankranti race.
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Karthikeya (2014)
Fantastic Suspense Thriller
27 October 2014
From Watching Trailer itself, I had a very good Feel About the movie since the Story is Suspense Thriller.

Reaching my expectations, From Titles till the Endcard movie is Extraordinary. The Main Asset is Direction and Screenplay making all flavors of the story mixed in a handy Way.

Another Asset is Cinematography. Taking and Lighting Effects are awesome. Even the Animated version of flashback is very good. Two Songs Picturisation is good. Music and BGM was added advantage. Swamy rara pair Nikhil and Swathi was good. Goose Bumps when the lighting hits the Subramanya Swamy Statue at the End.

Climax should have extended a bit as the movie felt like ended Quickly.

Overall A Very Good Attempt and a Super HIT small movie.
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Drushyam (2014)
Most Gripping Family Thriller
21 August 2014
Firstly The Big Share of Credit goes for Screenplay. It kept the audience on their Toes.

Movie starts with good Family environment and slowly transforms into most gripping Family Thriller. This Transformation is injected into the audience mind in a very good way that it grabs all the concentration of the audience.

Story by Jeetu Joseph is good but the Screenplay and Direction made it even more good.

Coming to performances, Venkatesh showed his experience in his acting and delivered the best. Meena Comeback is good and all other actor roles are aptly suited.

Overall It is VERY GOOD Film. I Rate 9/10. If you didn't watch, Go with your family and enjoy the thriller it wont disappoint you!
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Godzilla (2014)
Cant Beat the Classic
19 May 2014
The Wait is Over! With Huge Expectations from Dinosaur Lovers all around the world, Godzilla Came to our nearest cities on 16th.

The Main plot of the movie is to save the city from the MUTO (Massive Unidentified Terrestial Object) Which feeds on the Nuclear Energy. Film Starts with MUTO awakening from hibernate mode and destroys the nearby Nuclear Plant and City.

Officials plan to down the MUTO but it is fireproof, Bulletproof! :P They Find a pair to the Attacking MUTO.

Atlast Godzilla being a monster in previous movie, It fights with the MUTO's Duo and Becomes the Saviour of the city.


3D and Sound Effects. Bryan Cranston.


MUTO looks Funny. Bryan Cranston character is less. Godzilla is limited edition. Not anywhere Near to the Classic

Overall, Watch it in 3D with No Expectation
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Intelligent Psychological Thriller
10 January 2014
Credit for this movie first goes to Director Sukumar for perfect execution of Story which he want to portray. Secondly Mahesh Babu showed his guts in accepting this movie.

For the First Time, A Telugu movie viewer Tasted a Hollywood range movie in Telugu Film Industry. The Film from Tip to Bottom portrays an extraordinary Thriller gripping the audience.

Without any unwanted Comedy sequences, Film mainly concentrates on the Story line. Title 1 Nenokkadine Justifies with only Gowtham's Quest to find his identity.

Though the common audience confuses with Kriti Sanon character in the first half, Director handled that confusion very Handily before Interval.

Screenplay was Extraordinary. Background Music by Devi Sri Prasad gave a new life to the movie, though the songs are misplaced. Cinematography is the main Asset for the movie, it made the film a visual Grandeur.

Mahesh Babu looks Very Handsome in the movie.

Some People may need a second watch to understand the complexity in the script. Hollywood Movie Buffs will like the movie a lot.

Overall A Welcoming Change to Telugu Film Industry.

I Rate 9 out of 10 (HIT) review.html
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Direction Full of Flaws
30 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Fast and Furious 6, With lot of expectations like other i being a mildest Fast and furious fan watched movie and shocked to see a lot of flaws in the movie. Being a 6 Sequel, it doesn't reach the fan's expectations at any point of time.

Flaws i Observed : *How can team ignore when a Tank Crush a Lot of Vehicles on the Road? Don't they Concern about the people in them? *How Can a Crushed Car with Ordinary Rope Can Dislocate the Tanker? *The Way Vin Diesel caught Michelle Rodriguez looks Unrealistic. *How can three normal Cars Control the High Speed Rotors of a Plane? *How can hero escape with his car from front part of plane while it blows off?

Being a Hollywood Movie Fan I myself felt Bored while watching and Movie Did not surprise me at any point of time. Hope F&F 7 will be Good with Jason Statham in it.
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Not A Puri Mark Direction
23 October 2012
Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu is a Political Drama directed by Puri Jagannath Which pointed a good Key Political Points but lacked the good direction and screenplay. Though they said its a political Satirical Film they Forcibly mixed the other flavours into the film making main flavour missing. The Plot runs around how a common man reacts to the public problems and how he fought against politicians and conquered all the people support in achieving that.

Performance wise Pawan kalyan is good and Tamannah performance is little over. Ali, Brahmanandam Comedy does not made any impact. Music by Mani Sharma is a disaster. Dialogues in the movie about dividing the students Naming Caste, Philosophy of Men Towards Women are extraordinary leaving some scenes resembling present political situation in Controversies

Overall the movie is a Hit for pawan fans and an average for Movie Fan
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Sticked to the Miracle
25 June 2012
The Green Mile directed by Frank Darabont was an exceptional and Thought Provoking Fantasy which it is screened by Stephen King Book. The Dirction and Screenplay make you glued to the movie.

The Actors in their roles are Apt. Tom Hanks, David Morse and Micheal Clark Duncan as Paul, Brutus and John Coffey (don't spell like a drink) are EXTRAORDINARY in their roles. Giving 10/10 rating without any doubt heart fully.

Felt like May John Coffey like people will appear and heal the world someday after watching this flick...!! "The Green Mile" is a movie that will stick with you long after the end.

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Bodyguard (2012)
Well composed emotions and Flawless flow
14 January 2012
Bodyguard starring Venkatesh and Trisha Released as Sankranthi special. No Doubt, That Victory Venkatesh's Sankranthi sentiment worked again!! The Movie was well crafted with all the Flavours of Emotions and flawless flow in the story. The Storyline is that Venky is appointed as bodyguard to Prakash Raj by Government but he is made bodyguard to Trisha (Prakash raj Daughter) as the threat was to her. Story Moves on how he protects her, Love between them and will have a very good Twisted Climax. Comedy by Venky, Ali is Good. Music by Thamman is Very Good. Venky Costumes, Locations in songs, are as usually Excellent. Movie is Good in Telugu when compared to other Languages.

Overall The movie is Good Family Entertainer with all flavours of Emotions blended Correctly.. Happy Pongal.
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Panjaa (2011)
Technically Very Good..!!
10 December 2011
Panja starring pavan kalyan released on December 9 with High expectations. Overall the movie is Good. The Pros in the movie are the Pavan's New Look, Direction, Screenplay and cinematography i.e Technically Movie is excellent.

Background Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is Excellent and music is Good. Comedy track between Brahmanandam and pavan and the Song between them is Worth Watching. Sarah Jane acting in her debut film is Homely. The Story line resembles Balu movie in many parts.

Overall the movie is Technically good and pavan's Stylish look and Acting is worth a Watch.
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Source Code (2011)
Promise..!! Will Make You Hooked to it... :)
21 August 2011
Wah..!! The Movie was Exceptional and no doubt it will make you to pay your 100% concentration towards it. The Story by Ben Ripley and Direction by Dunkan Jones was really amazing.Jake Gyllenhaal acting is fantabulous and all the cast and crew were apt for their characters.

The Story and Concept of looping back to past with variations is excellent and Overall the movie is a scientific Thriller and worth Watching.

The narration of the story from the title till end will make you locked to it and sure that you will have a feeling that you watched a wonderful movie
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Dhada (2011)
Visual Grandeur
11 August 2011
The One and Only Best Part of the Movie is Cinematography. Gnana Shekar had given the movie a beautiful look and life. The Movie is Technically superb. Despite that, the movie lacks good Story. Naga Chaitanya's Action is Good and Kajal Looks Different. Though the comedians like Ali, Brahmanandam, Venu Madhav appear, they doesn't made any impact. The Comedy in this movie is Absolutely Zero.

Music by devi sri prasad is Good. Two songs Hello Hello and ye pilla pilla got huge response in the theatre. Background music by Devi is Extraordinary.

Overall the movie is worth watching for the mind blowing locations and Good Camera Work. not more than that..
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Orange (2010)
Orange - New Dimensional Love Story
25 November 2010
Orange starring Ram Charan, genelia had released with high expectations after Magadheera. Director Bhaskar dealed the Love Story in a new angle in such a way that no other love story resembles it.

Ram Charan character is a Graffiti Lover in Sydney which elevated his acting stamina and he looks Awesome in the movie. Genelia's Character resembles Hasini(Bommarillu)and doesn't make a huge impact. Comedy scenes are very less but Brahmi(Brahmanandam) made his impact. Prakash raj, Nagendra babu,Prabhu are the other senior cast which have less prominent roles.

The Only Two Positives that can move the movie towards hit is Cinematography and Music. Cinematography by Kiran Reddy elevated the beautiful Sydney town with enriched quality.Music by Harris Jayaraj is Extraordinary and had huge impact on the audiences(Most of the audiences Humming the Songs while watching).

First Half of the movie has not much importance but the second half is very Good. Skydiving sequences by charan, camera work during these sequences is Excellent.

Overall the movie doesn't reach the level of Magadheera (as producer said so) and it is an above average film which elevated a new angle in love stories. Its Musically Hit Film.
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Brindaavanam (2010)
Clean and Complete Family Entertainer!!
15 October 2010
Brindaavanam starring NTR (Krishna), Kajal Agarwal (Bhumi) and Samantha (Indu) is a complete Family entertainer which has all Flavours. Director Vamsi Paidipally had his mark with high Technicality in Direction.

Movie is clean family drama projecting NTR in a new angle. NTR's acting is very Good. Dialogues are too good in this movie, The Exchange of dialogues between NTR and Prakash raj brought a huge Response in theater. Action sequences have some Overdose with huge members.

Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is Extraordinary, the way he picturized the Whole film is Excellent. Settings and Locations in movie are beautiful. Music by Thamman is Average. Both the Heroines Kajal and Samantha acted Very well. Senior actors like kota srinivasa rao, prakash raj, srihari performances are good.

Overall the movie is blended with all type of flavors and a clean movie to watch with your Family.
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Khaleja (2010)
Very Good Entertainer!!!
9 October 2010
Mahesh's most long awaited movie Khaleja is out with many Expectations as it is Mahesh -Trivikram Combination.

Though the movie did not reach the Very High Expectations, It projected the new angle in Mahesh. Trivikram had his mark in direction and dialogues.

Action Sequences in the movie are very Excellent. The Picturization of Various locations in Rajasthan are beautiful. Songs didn't reach audience but the background Score and title music is very good.

The way Mahesh delivered dialogues is Humorous and entertaining. Though the story line in the second half touches the spiritual matters, It is Interesting and bagged the positive response

Though the initial talk about movie is somewhat negative, i have no doubt that it will slowly pick up the Hit talk.
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Enthiran (2010)
A New Era in Indian Cinema..!!!
1 October 2010
ROBO is a new Chapter in Indian Cinema. All the Indian Movie Screens are Overwhelmed with the Indigenous effort made by Shankar.

ROBO starring Rajni Kanth, aishwarya and directed by GENIUS shankar shanmugan had taken this movie to new heights. An Extravagant Sci-Fi Sequences in the movie brought a huge applaud from the audience.

Rajni with his as usual Extraordinary acting had done the justice to the thoughts of the director. Film explains both the merits and Demerits of the Robots entering into Human Life.

Aishwarya rai had marked her presence with her Awesome performance. Songs picturization is Excellent showing the best Scenic locations of the world.

All the Sci-fi sequences are the great treasure to this movie. the makers receive a huge applaud. Last Sequence which lasts for around 10 mins is Extraordinary.

Academy award winner A.R.Rehman's Music is an asset for the movie

Overall Amazing, Extraordinary, Extravagant and i must find a new word to describe it more...!!!
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Komaram Puli (2010)
Far from Expectations...
12 September 2010
Komaram Puli with a lot of expectations released on 10th September starring Pawan Kalyan,Nikisha Patel & Shriya in guest appearance. After seeing movie it is fact that it is way far than expectations. Pawan Kalyan looked awesome and Nikisha Patel acting and look is not good. Shriya marked her presence with her Sizzling Performance.

Unnecessary usage of graphics in Fights especially in first fight had a huge negative impact on movie. Pawan Kalyan's Flow of delivering dialogues is soo fast that some dialogues are not even understandable. Usage of guns in action sequences is very high. No Comedy scenes can be seen. Songs come in the movie without timing.

A big Plus point to this movie is Academy award winner A.R.Rehman's Music and Background Score. It almost touched Every viewer's Heart.

Overall the movie is average and My rating is 2 on the scale of 5.
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