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Blind Justice (1994 TV Movie)
Justice is not Blind...
22 July 2004
I fell in love with this movie when I saw it for the first time on HBO the year it first came out. Now, being that I am something of an old west buff, I was interested to see how a movie about a blind gunfighter would work. I was not disappointed. The premise is unique. Armand Assante brought a depth to the role that gave it paths. You could relate to the character of Canaan and sympathize with him. Robert Davi borough his usual menace as Alacran, the leader of the bandits. Elizabeth Shue was alright, but could have been more developed, though she does play the lass in distress well. M.C. Gainly, who was also in the HBO movie "El Diablo" as a demolitions expert, was also in this movie, though he did not have all that many lines or scenes, was also quite bad as Alacran's hit man, but in a good, bad guy, kinda way. Jack Black has a cameo as a army sentry, which was rather funny, if a bit short. The chap who played the Bartender Ernie Fowler was cool, as was the Native American fellow who played a bomb obsessed shaman.

There is also a fellow in this movie who will later appear in the HBO series Deadwood. The other characters, while cool and well acted, were not that developed and felt alittle wooden. The script needed some fine tuning, such as making the characters less wooded, but it was other wise alright. The score, which was done by Richard Gibbs of Queen of the Damned fame, was very fitting indeed. I wish a soundtrack would be put out for this movie. I have liked everything I have seen Armand Assante in and this is yet another example of why. Much props for HBO for making this movie and I hope they revisit the characters again soon.
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2 March 2004
This Movie was Bollex, plain and simple. Whilest I will agree with my esteemed forebears who have commented before that it was bad, I will also agree that it did have some good moments as well, but, on a whole, it was still all Bollex. I did like, however, that Julian Sands was in it. He is pretty much grand in anything he is in, but that still did not save this movie. He has good lines, but, I do not think that Sands heart was in the role. He did, however, look pretty tight in his ever clean black get-up. As stated in earlier comments, Sands plays a super Warlock who is neigh indestructible, which takes away from the movie, at least to me. I would like to know if he is playing the same character as from the first movie, or another one entirely, which never gets answered. Sands has some good lines, but, since the Warlock could not be killed, he just kinda hung out, killed some poor shmoo, took his trippy rock, and continued on his merry way. The heros were both annoying, and the plotline about druids and God and saving the world from an imprisoned Satan are all rubbish. What self respecting lord of all evil get's imprisoned by frelling druids in the first place? The part where the guy get's turned into a sculpture was cool, as was the secondary character played by the dude from Friday the Thirteenth: The series. It is good to see him play a hero type for one. Also, it was funny to see Zack Galliger in it from Gremlins. I hope I spelled his name right. Joanna Pacula must have need the cash, as she was in this movie for all of five minutes before she got axed. The deaths in the movie, and there were many, were rather novel, but it did not save it from being Bollex.
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Warlock (1989)
Eldrich Orange Bolts of Doom!!!!!!
2 March 2004
This is a cool movie. I have just watched it again, for the second time in as many weeks. Remember Kids, some Witches are men!

If you wish to watch a movie that has Those more enlightend pagans in it, then this is not the movie for you. But, if you wish to watch a good, ole fashioned good verses Evil flick, this is the one for you. It stars Julien Sands a the nameless, evil, gonna take out the world, Warlock, and The always cool Richard E. Grant as the hunter trying to stop him. Lori singer is also in it as Kassandra, WITH A K. Is The Witch hunter a Belmont, or what? I also have a feeling that White Watched this movie before they Came up with Mage: The Ascention Rpg. The actor both take to their roles with a drive that few others emulate, and Lori Singer adds a nice touch as the typical late 80's vally girl. I do not care what my other esteemed crics say, this movie rocks. While the movie play's on the sterotypes of evil, Devil Worshipping, magick users and the fanatics that hun them, at least it don't have Frelling druids. For that, you will have to watch the second installment of the series.

Remember, Catholic like to mess with things that are not their religion, but, because of such, we get to have kool movies like this. Good stuff all around.
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MythBusters (2003– )
The Discovery Channel's new hit
18 February 2004
This show is, quite possibly, the coolest new show that has hit the telly in some time. I watch it every time it is on, and the new shows are getting better. The hosts play well off of each other. Jamie being the more serious one and Adam being the more hyper one. Watching them blow stuff up is good, as it feeds the pyromaniac that all people have. Hopefully the first season will come out on dvd soon. My only question is : What else have these two done? Their bios on IMdB are woefully uninlightening. I did not know that Jamie and his workshop, M5, were behind that cool Nike remote control car. I was floored when I found out. I see nothing but good thing from this show in the future. I wonder what they do with all the myths that they construct to use on the show? Hopefully. they keep them somewere in Jamie's shop. Will we see a Mythbusters exibit in the future? Stay tuned...
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