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Summerslam (2005 TV Special)
12 February 2008
summerslam 2006

1) mysterio vs chavo:this match was okay 6/10

2)ecw championship match: was a very good match with some hardcore action 7/10

3)shitty legend vs legend killer randy orton vs hulk hogan: this match is a total waste of time hogan never could wrestle so i knew this match would suck. 1/10

4)i quit match Mick Foley vs Ric flair: this is a very good brutal match with a bad ending. 8/10

5)world heavyweight title match king booker vs Batista: this match is just horrible. 1/10

6)dx vs the McMahon's: this is a good tag match with one stupid idiot in the which is Vince.

7)wwe championship edge vs john cena: cena suck just as bad as hulk thats why edge has to carry his useless in this match cause cena cant wrestle to save his life. 4/10
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