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Good animation! Good 3D! Story wise same old! same old!
1 April 2016
At start it felt like that I have entered that awesomely animated familiar environment of kungfun with our favourite panda.

Sadly the same feeling remains the whole time. Don't get me wrong, fights are still fun but story wise you get the feel they are just trying to make things up now. Also it doesn't help to keep similar story structure every time. It just bores you much of the time. Not caring about the characters as you already know what their fate is going to be, you have ample amount of time to appreciate the animation. I really liked the 2-D animation that is shown for flashback. Moreover there's so much pseudo philosophical drag & knowledge sharing going on that it makes you feel "ya ya! just give me some more kungfun already!"

Now children would definitely love this film. But for any adult who have already watched the awesome first part & then the follow-up later, it could still be fun provided you are in really good mood (& remain so while ignoring (virtually) repeated script and zero character developments) and ready to mentally kungfu-dance through whole film on the song "Everybody's kungfu fightin'..." :D
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Awful! Worst! Not because it is pretentious and totally stupid. Because it is 150 mins of utter bore!
26 March 2016
Warning: Spoilers
After reading all the negatives reviews, I still went to watch (in 3D!) this superhero battle thinking it may not be the critics' film but at least it would be some spectacular mess offering some guilty superhero fun. (Short answer: No. Not fun. Not even spectacular. Just long boring mess!)

First things first! There is not much of a "battle" (physical or psychological) b/w Batman & Superman! They just fight once, and it goes exactly as anyone would have expected! Batman trying somethings - boom boom - which doesn't work and then hint: Kryptonite!

It's not even like cinematography or awesome background music is taking the film forward (like say Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch) to keep you rooted! It just keeps on going taking. Taking itself seriously. And then keeps on going even longer!

Essentially what happens is a guy does some hocus-pocus and creates a monster and these three super-things kill it. And just so that you know this is actually the whole movie for you. There's actually no role of wonder-woman in this film other than that shown in the trailers. Nothing! She shows up a few times and bam! directly at the final fight which was quite lethargically choreographed to say the least. Batman is loosely played by Ben Affleck wearing his famous scowl, but I wouldn't blame him as there is actually not much for him to do. Script has snatched away from everyone of any possibility of giving any good performances. Lois Lane is always the damsel in distress saved by Superman! Superman plays superman doing nothing at all. And there's much time given to their romance which nobody cares about. And if you have noticed even I have been writing this long about nothing but ranting my frustration because there's, as you guessed right, nothing concrete to criticize about in this two and a half hour long alarming amount of pretension on the name of a battle! And at last Superman is dead and all you are left thinking is "I don't give a f*** about it!"
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Unique, refreshing, energetic, surprising!
14 January 2013
One of the most refreshing script & story telling of 2012. Script, brilliantly written and executed by Martin McDonagh, delivers not only fun, which it totally is from beginning to end, but contains several subtle layers to it too. Director is clearly growing with each and every one of its movie, last one being "In Bruges", which was excellent too! Excellent cinematography, excellent music to support the pace of the poetically flowing screenplay. I know there is too much alliteration of the word "excellent" used here, but whats one gonna do, when the stuff is excellent.

All of the cast, Collin Farell, Sam Rockwell, Christoph Walken, Woody Harrelson did nothing short off . .. excellent! Christoph Walken must be specially mentioned because he was real fun.

Although most "big banner" award functions didn't really acknowledge it, don't miss this one thinking any less of it if you ever get a chance, its a hidden gem of the year. Have fun :)
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3 Idiots (2009)
Watch it as one more comedy movie ..
22 January 2010
Not what I expected from Raju Hirani, at least after 'Lage Raho'. This film is shallow, promising to be, but just not the picture of engineering college or engineers at all. Evidently no one from Director's family ever had been an engineer and neither he had seen one. Ever if you go and watch this film, just watch it as an mindless (supposed to be) hilarious ride, with almost every joke that you may have heard of. Movie loosely based on the spiced book '5 point someone' by Chetan Bhagat, makes you realize that book was cent percent a better read than the movie. Too long, predictable and TOO LOUD on being 'Ever Joyful Enthusiast Loving Caring' personality. Performances to be acknowledged are of 'Boman Irani' playing the Dean of the Institute & of 'Omi Vaidya' playing Chatur Ramalingam aka 'Silencer'. Best and most humorous scenes are filmed with them.

In whole I am going with 6/10 for this one because, it did make me laugh out loud in some of the scenes.
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