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The Expanse: Delta-V (2018)
Season 3, Episode 7
Not the best one, but narrative was very creative
25 May 2018
Warning: Spoilers
This episode wasn't full of action and intensity like some of the other best episodes, but it was incredibly creative how they told the story from the point of view of someone essentially and initially so insignificant. We saw the time pass thru the eyes of a spaceship racer, someone who will likely be another idiot to contribute to humanity's doom. The way the narrative is crafted was excellent and of course the acting was usual. Love this show.
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Tokyo Trial (2016)
Highly opinionated and revisionist
19 March 2017
Movie itself was tolerable, but it only shows one side, and even tries to say the other way of looking at the war is absurd. Simply put, the movie is too heavily opinionated and appears to be an attempt at revisionist history. Definitely not something we need in the current isolationist climate spreading across the globe. If you think this is dogma, I encourage you to watch a Chinese or American film about similar events. These other films are often just as opinionated, but they are usually described as such, which makes them feel less misleading.
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Powerless (2017)
Not great, but definitely not bad
12 March 2017
I feel this show is not something to go out of your way to watch, but if you're looking for a show to eat some time and not hit you emotionally, this is perfect.

The show definitely gets better after the first two episodes (thus far), and it has some jokes that land surprisingly well, but don't have high expectations for it. Obviously the three big actors are often the best part of the show.

I've watched every episode (mostly because I have insomnia), and I have never felt annoyed or even disappointed after watching an episode.

I strongly believe my rating will increase to a 7 by the end of the first season. If they add new writers (and possibly directors), this show has the potential to be an 8.
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An amazing adaptation of the novel!
29 January 2015
The pilot episode was exceptional. It held my attention and made me believe in such an alternate history.

I have read the book, and although it is different, it is an incredible adaptation. If the book was turned into a show without any edits, it would be far too complicated and very hard to enjoy (although the book is incredible).

The acting, story, and visuals are spot on and only intensified what I had imagined when I read the book. When I first read the book, I had hoped for a movie to be made from it, but a show will be a much better pace for such an though-provoking and intelligent story.

I want more episodes!!
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Cheers: A House Is Not a Home (1987)
Season 5, Episode 25
Worst Diane ever
29 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I have only seen all Cheers episodes thru to season 5, but so far, this is the worst episode ever!

Sam is not funny and fails to drag Diane back to reality (until he does so accidentally at the end), while Diane is actually just plain stupid. What does she want, a house that NO ONE has ever lived in? Or maybe she would've been alright with it if she just doesn't meet a previous owner. (she wants to be even MORE ignorant?)

Usually Diane is annoying, but it's funny. This time it's downright obnoxious and makes her look completely ignorant and egotistical.

Complete waste of 25 mins of my life. Thank g-d all other episodes have at least some intelligence & real humor in them.
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