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Barney & Friends (1992–2009)
Too Much Time On Your Hands
3 November 2007
Barney haters have way too much time on their hands in order to be able to sit and write a five page hate letter to the "hippie" parents who let their kids watch Barney - If ya don't like Barney...fine but get a life and focus your anger and hate on something a little more challenging than Barney, it's as though you cannot comprehend anymore than your preschooler. Each parent is individual, stop trying to pass your crap onto others. Teahcing your kids to hate and rant about it was never seen on an episode of will not be rewarded for your creative ways here. Children are unique and forcing children to abide by your way of thinking is harsh, there will be a lot more than Barney that you will not be able to shelter them from once they grow into teenagers...hope you have a lot of rant left in you!
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