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Another Pretty Face (2002 TV Movie)
Classic tv-movie material. I liked it.
30 March 2003
I am a Mel Harris fan, so I might be biased but I really enjoyed this movie. I especially liked the relationship between Mel's character (Diana) and her daughter (Libby). They were friends and that was nice to see. In a lot of movies the mother and daughter have issues and do nothing but struggle with each other. I also liked the vibe at the news studio. The people looked like fun to work with, a job you would find enjoyable. The movie had a lighthearted, friendly spin that was nice to view. It was a treat to see Dick Van Patten playing Diana's loving dad, and it didn't hurt that Colby from Survivor played Libby's husband ;)

Main Story: Diana Downs, an award winning anchorwoman (Mel Harris) is replaced by a younger, attractive anchorwoman (Julianne Morris). Frustrated that looks are valued more than intelligence, Diana reinvents herself. She has a facelift, gets a new hairdo, drops some weight, dresses younger and drives a sports car. She moves back to the town where her father (Dick Van Patten) and her daughter (Julie Ann Emery) live, shortens her resume, drops her first name and gets a job as a secretary at the local news studio. Now as Beth Downs, she works her way up from the inside employing good old work ethics. There is the hint of a budding romance between Beth and another aging anchorman, Michael Bennett (gorgeous Perry King), but besides a kiss and the idea that they will eventually get together, the focus of the movie is not on their romance.

Side Story: Libby, married with a toddler, is battling the decision to pursue her blossoming career as a news producer or stay at home with her daughter. Colby Donaldson has a small role as Libby's husband Pete.

In the end, it all comes together in a predictable, but touching way. You can check out more on the movie at
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Intimate Portrait: Diane Lane (2002)
Season Unknown, Episode Unknown
Diane is the most underrated actor of our time.
21 January 2003
A well-made, beautifully done Intimate Portrait. Career highlights and an in-depth interview focusing on her private life give the audience a never before seen glimpse of who Diane is as a person: a well-spoken, intelligent, beautiful actress.

I look forward to viewing more projects featuring this lovely lady.
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Miss Lettie and Me (2002 TV Movie)
Sweet little film
9 December 2002
A feel good film that won't win any awards but will leave you 'feeling good.' It was very predictable (as expected), but not boring by any means. There was just the right touch of sentiment, you ended up caring about the characters and happy that it ended just the way you thought it would.

Holliston Coleman was delightful as the little girl. The rest of the cast also held their own in their respective roles.

I absolutely loved the house which I have read was the Brookfield Plantation in Griffin, GA. A beautiful old mansion and a quiet and charming town, just like you picture a small town in the south to be.

All in all worth a viewing, especially around the holidays.
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The Christmas List (1997 TV Movie)
Great Christmas film!
9 December 2002
Definitely a great lighthearted, family film. Makes you feel warm and cozy. Perfect film for the holidays. It is right up there with all the classics, IMO!

I won't describe the plot since others did such a good job. I will say that Mimi does a wonderful job playing the pushover who hasn't come into her own yet. I think Mimi made the movie, I honestly can't think of anyone else in this role.

A must see!
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