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Cannon (1971–1976)
Never really gets the girl.
9 September 2001
My fovorite private detective TV show. Frank Cannon is the only private detective in TV history to solve every crime and never really get the girl in the end. (In the Biblical sense). If he wasn'n such a great cook, he never would have gotten a women up to that fabolus apartment on Sunset.

The Lincoln Continental Mark IV was great, and by the way with a mobil phone, (before cell for all of you born after 1984), and before Banachk had one. At least Frank drove his own car. All kidding aside, it was well written and whitty. I love the show and wish it would come back for reruns. Robert Conrad is one of my favorite actors. Check out some of his early work; "The Killers", "Body and Soul", "Sorry, Wrong Number". I hope he has a star on the walk of fame.
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