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This Show is Horrible
11 April 2003
This show sucks big time. I watched it for a while but got tired of carson asking everybody on his show what they thought about having stories made up about themselves and posted in the tabloids. This would be fine if he was interviewing a tabloid queen like J.Lo but it's always his first question and usually most of the interview.

The show gets good guests who have a story to tell and since the show is on late at night they can tell some of the stories but Carson takes over the show with his obsession will rumors that get published. So if you like the types of celebrities that Carson has on his show but actually want to hear their stories watch Kilbourn or Kimmel, but if you enjoy the same interview every night watch Carson.
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Watch Out Lovers of the Book
19 December 2002
Tonight I saw the Two Towers and was disappointed. Although the movie was visually stunning including the special effects of both Gollum and the Ents I was very disappointed at the plot changes that were in place. I can understand not putting something in because of its difficulty to film and other thing are needed to add to explain the film better completly changing the plot in points just to add action and cool special effects is unacceptable in my book.

Peter Jackson did not have to prove what he can do with special effects by adding a battle scene with orcs on wargs because he did an excelent job with Gollum and the Ents. There were times when I could have sworn that Gollum was a live actor. And he did not need to add more action scenes because the Battle of Helm Deep was more then most action movies have in the whole movie.

By adding these extra scenes he cut things from the book that I feel were very important in the story. We see Gollum being hurt by the rope that Froddo and Sam tied him up with but we do not know why. If you read the book you know that it is because the rope was made by elves and the purity of it burns the evil in Gollum. This does not really matter but later when you see Gollum tied up again with regular rope he is not screaming and kicking about and peacefully going about his buisness.

I guess what upset me the most is that they moved this movie from being one about a story and moved it to being more of an action film and saying that the story does not really matter. But then again what do I really know.
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More Then It Appears To Be
30 October 2001
People view the Big Lebowski as a screwball type comedy that is as heavy on the laughs as it is on the vulgarity. But there is so much more there. I view this movie as the quinticential Coen Brothers movie because everything they have done in the past is in the movie. There of course is a large helping of thier special brand of humor that seems to appeal to everybody. There is a bit of drama from movies such as Millers Crossing, and then there are the thrills that the produced in Fargo.

What most people don't see is that it is a modern twist to the classic Film Nor movies. Watch the classics -The Maltesse Falcon, Chinatown, even the Coen's own Blood Simple- and you will see how much The Big Lebowski has in common with these movies. I think that if you took Sam Spade out of the '40s and put him in the '90s you would have Jeff Lebowski. Other common elements the movies all contain is the wide variety of characters, the problem is never solved to the viewers satisfaction, and you can't help but feel for the detective no matter how slimey and shady he is. So I urge you to take another look at this movie and don't just look for laughs but also look for the sheer brilliance of the Coen Brothers because who but they could hide a classic in a comedy.
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