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The Path to 9/11 (2006– )
Please give it a 10 to combat the "1" votes by people who never saw it
11 September 2006
People who gave it a 1 didn't see it and just want the movie to look poorly reviewed. It's not right-wing propaganda, as some have said. Neither administration gets off easy. It demonstrates that before 9/11/01, no one had the political will to go after Bin Laden or terrorism in general, thereby clearing 'the path to 9/11'. Kudos to Robert Iger for now bowing to political pressure and vain threats. Those worried about the films impact on society shouldn't worry. It only got a 12% share it's first night, while the NFL game got twice the ratings. I doubt it will have much impact in the polls, particularly for regional congressional races. I recommend this film for the human drama and the lessons it teaches. The political blather is much ado over nothing.
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Concert for George (2003 Video)
You couldn't find a better band!
4 October 2003
This concert is a very emotional evening full of great music! Can you beat this lineup of Lynne, Clapton, McCartney, Starr, and Petty? How about Petty & Lynne on a Wilburys song, McCartney & Starr on Beatles tunes, or Clapton joining them to reprise his performance on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps". Billy Preston was a nice surprise, showcased twice with some powerful performances. "Isn't It a Pity?" was the strongest song, with "Something" bringing tears to my eyes. It was great to see ironclad session-men like Jim Keltner and Jim Horn backing him up. Harrison's son Dhani was an ever-present, almost eerie reminder of the Quiet One.

My one gripe would be interrupting the song for interview bits. Those would have been better placed between songs. I would like to hear the uninterrupted versions of "Photograph" and especially "Handle With Care", but I'll have to wait for the DVD. A stellar job of Clapton and Lynne to get everybody together for a dream concert.
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A nice chat, but not much new here
19 May 2002
Stan Lee is very complimentary of his collaborators, but struggles with acknowledging them as co-creators. Lee continually brought up his fuzzy memory, but at the start of the film recollects the creation of Spider-Man in detail (maybe in response to the assertions of Kirby, or even Joe Simon, that they created the character. There's not much we didn't know here, and Smith almost answers some questions for Lee when he's asking them. Smith is annoying as an interviewer, feeling he has to say "Uh-huh", "yeah", "Hm", "right" or some exclamation after each sentence or pause that Lee makes. This film is a love letter to Stan Lee, so don't expect anything incisive or controversial. There are some nice extras, including an interview with Lee's wife, who wasn't what I expected. Label this one "For Marvel Zombies Only"
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