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Second in Command (2006 Video)
Pretty decent action movie
3 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It is nice to see a new Van Damme movie.

The acting was good for this kind of movie. I'm sure many fans will be disappointed that VD doesn't do any famous kicks.

I will say that this is a very minor step back for VD, after doing the really good WAKE OF DEATH. I am hoping HARD CORPS will be a bit better.

I am also glad that not much CGI was used in this movie.

If you're looking for a different sort of movie from Van Damme, then this is it. Its more of a political action movie. I'm not much for those kinds of movies. But I will still add this to my DVD collection, its worth seeing.

Its better then BLACK EAGLE, DERAILED & DESERT HEAT, at least. :)
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Lethal Woman (1988)
Awesome, another review for this under-rated movie!
31 January 2006
I briefly remember this when I was a teen. I heard about this movie, at the time, from my friend. I ended up taking his copy of it & watching it. I did return it, without him knowing.

Now, years later, I was very interested in this movie again, so I bought it off Ebay. After receiving it in the mail yesterday & watching it. This isn't that bad of an action movie. Its very low budget & has a good performance from a young Shannon Tweed, who is the only "big" name person that I know of, in this movie.

I can tell that this is a very under-rated movie & that I'm the 2nd person leaving a comment for this movie. :) I say, this is worth a rent, if you're looking for a low budget action movie or a movie with hot women who get naked too.

I love that tag line too: 'They're sexy, smart & oh, so deadly!'
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Wake of Death (2004)
Van Damme is back!
4 January 2005
It was great to finally see the new Van Damme movie. I enjoyed this better than his previosu 1 - IN HELL.

Acting by VD was very good, along with everyone else. Though, the editing was choppy in some places, everything else abiut the movie was fine with me. Despite the fact that 'The End' shows up, when I thought it was pointless to put that up. It could have gone straight to the credits.

This is still 1 of Van Damme's best movies in a while.

This is the best action movie of 2004. This really should have gone to theatres here, considering how much crap that Hollywood releases now.

This is a must see, for Van Damme fans & action fans.
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The Children (1980)
I got this in a used store for only $3
15 December 2004
On Monday, I checked out this used video/cd/video game store.

wow! My jaw dropped in amazement on, when I saw this on the shelf...for only $3. I never got to see this as a kid, & it has been on my 'Must-see' list for a long time now. I have been trying to find it on Ebay as well.

Well, I enjoyed it, its a good fun & cheesy movie. You weren't expecting an Oscar nominated movie were you? Yes, the acting is bad & yes, some of the dialogue is horrendous, but this was such a fun movie.

It has its creepy moments & an alright 'twist' ending, that leaves it open for a sequel? hmmm.

This is worth checking out or owning if you love those bad cheesy films from the 80's, like what I do. For finding a pretty rare & hard to get (go to Ebay & see how much this sells for) for only $3, you can not go wrong. :)
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Avalanche (1994 TV Movie)
It wasn't that bad
22 October 2004
I saw this on Lifetime a few days ago, since I remembered seeing the preview for it back in '94. I never got to see it though.

Well, 10 years later & I finally get to see it. Its pretty decent for a made-4-TV movie. The cast is good, well, Mr. Hasselhoff seemed a bit off. He had that cool killer stare, but he's not much a villain. He was still an evil, evil man. I got a good laugh out of it.

David also seem to have that Fri. the 13th/Jason syndrome in the movie. HE JUST WOULDN'T DIE!!

I would have died laughing, if in the end, the camera pans down to the snow & we see a David's bloody hand come out from the snow & we hear him scream, "BRIAN!!!"

Brian was played by Michael Gross, a very good actor. I've enjoyed him from the TREMORS movies.

I say, this is worth seeing just to see David Hasselhoff ham it up as the villain after his precious jewels. I should try to find a copy of this on Ebay, hoping its available in America on VHS or DVD.
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A very unique & funny movie.
16 October 2004
Trey & Matt are at it again & have made another hit movie. This is the 2nd best Comedy of the year, after Napoleon Dynamite, of course.

The sex scene was hilarious & I guess short as well, considering it was to be about 3 minutes in length. The puke scene did go on for way too long, but the after effect(big pile) was funny to see.

The songs were great, like usual. Poor Ben A$$flick & 'Pearl Harbor'.

It was great to see Trey make fun of Matt Damon, I can't stand him. :)

So, if you want to see a action-spoof/semi-political/funny-sex/raunchy language-filled puppet movie, look no further than TEAM America: WORLD POLICE.

America! Fu-k Yeah! 8-)
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Run (1991)
an awesome action movie
28 April 2004
I just checked this out yesterday on the Mystery channel, I expected it to be a lame action movie. But this 1 surprised me, I was entertained through the whole thing. Nice action set pieces like the 1 in the bowling alley. & this is the best P. Dempsey movie I've seen with him, plus he's Sean Penn's look-a-like in the movie. I was convinced that Sean Penn was in this movie cause Patrick looks so much like a younger version of Sean. I'm sure the plot has been mentioned b4, so I'll end by saying that this was a great little entertaining action flick. Its worth seeing. :)
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Willis bares his wiener!
16 April 2004
Now, I know this is not even close to being Willis's best movie or role. I still thought this was a decent thriller. A good supporting cast with Brad Dourif(voice of Chucky, the best Horror icon ever!) & Lance Henriksen(who will star in just about anything these days) just to name a few.

I can understand why Jane March hasnt done much, she'll be type-cast as woman who takes clothes off alot. & yeah, this is as close to a porn flick as you can get, when it comes to big named actors in studio movies.

In my opinion, there are worse movies with Bruce Willis. This is worth seeing if you're in the mood for a adult-orientated suspense thriller...with quite alot of sex. & yes, ladies, You can see Bruce's winky in this too.
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In Hell (2003)
Lock Up meets Death Warrant
27 November 2003
IN HELL was a great movie, its 1 of Van Damme better movies. Its just as good as REPLICANT. The acting was very good, especially from Van Damme. The brutal fights were great. I loved it. Though, the movie did feel rushed in the beginning & there were some minor cgi used that was a bit noticable. But overall, this is a must see for Van Damme fans & those who love dark, gritty prison movies. Van Damme has totally redeemed himself after the disaster that was called - DERAILED.
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The Hidden (1987)
a great movie!
9 October 2003
wow! I rented this after reading up on this movie plenty of times. I finally got 2 see & am glad I did. This was a great SCI-FI/Action thriller. It really is like INVASION OF BODY SNATCHERS meets LETHAL WEAPON. This is 1 of Kyle MacChlagan(?) best movies. & I'm looked at the directors movies & this is easily his best movie he's made.

Don't listen to the bad reviews, this is a must see classic from the 80's. Enjoy!
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a worthy sequel
6 September 2003
Warning: Spoilers

this movie is just as good as the original. It wasn't scary, just still pretty good. There was not many bad cgi scenes in the movie, which is great since bad cgi sucks. I think the Creeper is the new Horror icon for now. Freddy, Jason, Michael, Leatherface, Pinhead - these icons are old & should have stayed back in the 80's/early 90's where they belong.

well, if you enjoyed the 1st movie, ,you should enjoy this 1 too. I'm glad Victor didn't give us 1 of those 'Boo! Ha-ha, I am still alive' endings in the end. I think the ending to this was really good. Ray Wise was great.

If they do make a sequel, which I'm sure they will, since its #1 at B.O. & MGM studios always does a sequel to a moderate hit - **cough-Agent Cody Banks, Barbershop-cough** there just better not be 5-10 more sequels like the Freddy, Jason & Michael myers, cause those sequels suck & are pointless & so repetitive.

I did like the idea of a prequel where the creeper is back in the 1800's in the old west. That may be good, but other than that, NO MORE SEQUELS!!
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too short, but still very good.
3 July 2003
Of course this is not better than T2, which is the best in the franchise so far. T1 is slightly better than T3 though. The movie just felt too short. Even at an hour & 45 minutes, it just felt like it should be longer.

The humor had its hits & misses. Ah-nold was great as usual, though some of his 1-liners weren't the best. Nick Stahl & Claire Danes did real good jobs too.

The T-X chick did good, though Robert Patrick is still the best villian in the franchise.

The CGI was actually decent when used, & didnt really ruin the movie (i.e. HULK, CHARLIES ANGELS 2).

This is 1 of the better movies to come out this year, so go see it. Though its still too short. :(
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1 damn good movie!
15 April 2003
I finally got to see this after waiting for almost 3 yrs. This is 1 weird-a$$ movie that people who love those 70's type of films should see, not these "SCREAM" lovers who are the ones probably giving the movie bad reviews. Sid Haig(Spaulding) was great & Bill Moseley (Otis) was brutal & awesome. Sheri Moon(Baby) was somewhat annoying with her 'Evil Dead' chick laugh & talking sometimes as a baby. I dont know why people(reviewers) constantly pick on the 4 strangers that enter the house. They dont act badly. Jerry was hilarious. Denise was the chick from ONE HOUR PHOTO. I loved the split screens & that filtering from blurry images to the normal images.

Now, I'm waiting patiently for the Uncut/Unrated version to come out. This is a must-see & you really should see this, cause this may be the best Horror film of the year.

& for those who didnt understand the end, there was no cyborgs in the end. The cyborg you must be referring to is Earl, Mr. Firefly, the father of the house & I guess he just dresses up in toxic-releated clothes.
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a classic thriller from the 70's.
12 March 2003
I really enjoyed this movie. I saw this on the Women's Entertainment channel - the only movie I've watched on that uh...girly channel. & I was impressed, so I bought a Collector's Edition copy of it off Ebay. I was somewhat surprised that this movie got a PG rating for the nudity & the creepy eyes scenes.

This is a movie that does not have to have a remake. But stupid-a$$ Hollywood just have to release a star-filled remake.

I'm sticking with this classic thriller than some pointless remake.

"I'll just die if I don't get this recipe."
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Derailed (2002)
It was good for what it was.
16 October 2002
Yes the plot has been done before - UNDER SIEGE 2, but this still was a decent movie. The dialogue isnt too bad in this movie, the main problems with the movie is the heavy amount use of CGI. You can just tell when the actors stood in front a green screen. :( The editing at times was choppy as well & kind of let me wondering what happened to certain characters. But Van Damme really needs to avoid movies like these, that have been done plenty of times before. Otherwise, its worth seeing & I'll be getting it in my video collection soon, since I am a big Van Damme fan. :)
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Scooby-Doo (2002)
1 of the worst films of the year!
12 June 2002
I loved the cartoons when I was growing up. But a live-action movie? Bad dialogue, lousy CGI, etc. Matthew Lillard, at times, makes Shaggy worth watching, but the rest r soooooo badly acted. :( A CGI Scooby? U mean 2 tell me, there is no dog in this country that looks like Scooby Doo? Even if the dog doesn't have spots, there's something called painted spots. Please, dont see this, its a waste of time & money. If u MUST see this, have the lowest expectations, cause this is a crappy movie. U r better off taking your kid(s) 2 see STAR WARS Ep. 2 & or SPIDERMAN again!
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the 3rd(but now, not the last) film in the best Action series ever!
6 June 2002
Returning again as Indy is Harrison Ford with Sean Connery as his father. What a great team they were. They had great chemistry. The theme is back once again & is excellent. I will say that this is better than TEMPLE OF DOOM, by a little. All 3 were excellent & I can't wait til part 4 comes out, which should b the last, I hope. Once again, the acting is great, great action sequences & the ending kicks a$$! "You have chosen wisely!"

Once again, I will say that if u havent seen this 4 whatever reason, please...go out & buy it NOW! This trilogy is a must have. Action movies don't come any better than this. Now, for part 4, I really hope they don't ruin it with terrible CGI, & having Sean Connery return would b great. I think having it played out with Ford & Connery ageing would b more exceptable. Since, they aion't getting any younger. They team up for 1 last great adventure with John Rhys-Davis as Sallah. He can return as well. :) These movies will b treasured 4ever!
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The sequel to the best Action series ever!
6 June 2002
This is great film, I love all 3 Indy films. I love them equally I guess. But that great theme is back. Also, this is 1 of the 1st movies that made the MPAA make up that PG-13 rating. I will admit that Kate Capshaw's whining was dumb. I really cant compare all 3, they r excellent in their own way. Just seeing Indy turn bad 4 that sort time had me hoping that he would quickly be good again & kick some a$$. The bug scenes were gross since I hate those, I would literally just give up & die if that ever happen to me. That 'heart-ripping-out' scene was awesome. & I noticed Dan Aykroyd was in this film, but where? If u 4 whatever havent seen this film, then go & buy it NOW! 1 great sequel 2 an excellent original.
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The start of the best Action series ever!!!
6 June 2002
I've loved this film ever since I was a little kid. Easily 1 of the best Action movies ever made. Great dialogue, action sequences & the theme. Oh, how I love that theme. For being PG, I am shocked at how gory it was at some places: begininng with that all those rotting skulls, & then snakes coming from the skeleton holes & u could forget the excellent ending which features bad guys melting & exploding. :D If 4 whatever reason, u have yet 2 see this. Stop reading this review & go out & buy it NOW! Its an excellent movie, followed by 2 great sequels.
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Frailty (2001)
A very, very good movie
21 April 2002
This is so far 1 of the best films this year. Its so dark & disturbing, I love it. Bill Paxton did a great job on his directorial debut & the acting is top-notch. Its got its great twists in the end as well. But judging by its 4.2 Million take at the Box Office, its not going 2 rank in much money, which sucks. This movie should be on top. But instead we get stupid & predictable crap like SCORPION KING, ICE AGE, THE ROOKIE, etc. that are taking over the box office, when its great films like FRAILTY that should be on top. If you are into psychological thrillers, then this is a movie for you. I wouldn't label this a HORROR movie, but its a Dramatic thriller like SIXTH SENSE, SESSION 9, THE OTHERS - all great movies I will add. See this movie, its most definatley worth it.
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The Order (2001)
it was good
18 March 2002
Well, I'm a fan of Van Damme & always will be. I rented this 1 after really enjoying REPLICANT, which was Van Damme's darkest film. I'll be buying this when it comes to buy on video. The action scenes with Van Damme were good, its great 2 see him in action again. I was happy when Van Damme did his helicopter kick in a fight in the end. It also was cool 2 see the big Mongolian guy from THE QUEST in this 1 & that bad guy from DOUBLE IMPACT with the ninja-star shoes. But I will complain about that the movie was edited badly at several parts. & the big bomb explosion was quite fake due 2 stupid CGI. & Van Damme trying 2 b funny at times was kind of a dumb idea. Overall this film was good but not great like his earlier films. Its decent effort. S. Lettich directed this, but LIONHEART & DOUBLE IMPACT were better films.
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it was good
6 March 2002
Well, 1st off this is not Arnold's best or 1 of his best, in my opinion. It was good, but I felt it was a bit rushed with some things. It was a more realistic action movie for Arnold, I liked that. I always liked the 'Mike Tyson' biting ear part. :) Its a not a dud to me, I enjoyed it but it could have been a little better if this movie wasnt so rushed. I was shocked 2 find when a certain character was actually not who they seem 2 be. Overall, it was good but nothing great from Arnold like TERMINATOR films, PREDATOR, TOTAL RECALL, TRUE LIES, etc.
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Ringu (1998)
very good!
8 January 2002
I'm a Horror fan & I've heard about this movie & how different it is with American Horror films. So, I took the chance of getting this off Ebay. I have 2 say, its quite original & it is very spooky. I liked this, but the lighting is too dark at times. Unless thats what the director wanted it 2 be, but it was hard 2 see at times. Still, I got the overall point of the movie & the ending is great. The ending alone is worth the price of the movie. I suggest you people who are looking for a different kind of Horror film, 2 check out this film. Now, the American version of this comes Aug. 9th, I doubt it will b better than this, but I'll see that 1 as well.
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Replicant (2001)
1 of Van Damme's best!
22 December 2001
I really enjoyed this movie. It is Van Damme's darkest film. He plays such a cruel villain & such an innocent replicant. His acting is very good as well. U just got 2 feel 4 the replicant sometimes when he is put in danger. Michael Rooker does a good job as the cop assigned to protect the replicant. I suggest everyone see this, 2 see Van Damme in 1 of his best acting roles since Legionnaire, & 2 see him battle himself. This is 1 of Van Damme's best films since Timecop.
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Chasing Sleep (2000)
I liked it.
15 November 2001
I rented this movie the other night, cause I read about it at a Horror site. I must admit, this was a very good movie. It was slow-moving, like THE OTHERS, another great movie, but I still was sucked into its creepiness. This is 1 of Jeff Daniels better movies, it also has great camera-movement, & a very good showing of light & dark. I recommend u rent this, its worth seeing. Its more of a Psychological Drama, with some Horror-elements mixed in, just like THE OTHERS. :) Oh ya, & watch 4 the finger-crawling scene, awesome.
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