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Pathetic novel-to-movie rendering
9 July 2000
I found this movie frustrating. I read Olivia Goldsmith's novel and found it deep, emotional, and justified in its revenge. The novel involves much deeper issues, like a father taking money from his retarded daughter, a man who beat his wife and forced her to allow their daughter to die following an accident, a man who refuses to support his children, et cetera.

This movie focuses on petty revenge because they are not happy with being discarded for twenty year olds. It has NONE of the book's depth, characters, or deep emotional satisfaction in revenge. It has nothing more than cheap satisfaction and cheap revenge. I watched it once and would never look at it again.
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Lost Highway (1997)
Don't watch it if you don't want to think.
14 June 1999
I've seen this movie many times, and eventually after sinking enough money into renting it repeatedly, bought the tape. I've watched it many times with a variety of friends, and very few people seem to really enjoy it, because this is not a movie to watch over pizza and beer. The movie takes significantly longer to watch than the running time, and needs somewhat constant pausing to contemplate what happens. Several times while watching it for the first time, you will rewind the tape a few moments to notice a bit more about the scene. This is a movie for someone who wants to think about what they see and about how they process what they're seeing. It's great for anyone who appreciates art, psychological introspection, and contemplation of the supernatural / natural links in the world.
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