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Season Three Review
southdavid7 November 2019
I expressed a few concerns in my review of the "Big Mouth" Valentines special that it was a little under par for the high standard of the first two seasons and I hoped it wasn't a sign of things to come. Happy to report that although I'm not sure that this third run quite hits the heights of the second, it's still fantastic stuff.

Andrew (John Mulaney) is still a pariah at school, following his jealous actions at Valentines and his mood is not improved by Missy (Jenny Slate) and her seemingly deepening relationship with Mathew (Andrew Rannells). Nick (Nick Kroll) attempts to remain supporting as the girls battle against a sexist school uniform policy and a new chauvinist teacher.

What can I say, other than "Big Mouth" remains one of the most vibrant, witty, sweet, yet foul-mouthed, sex obsessed and grossest shows on television. Performances are fantastic, none more so this time than Jason Mantzoukas, as Jay is given a lot to do this year, as he considers and then accepts his bi-sexuality. Jordan Peele seemed to be available more this year, than in the previous one - as the Ghost of Duke Ellington appears at lot more frequently and has a whole episode devoted to his back story.

Again, perhaps this season is a smidge underneath the second season, maybe it is lacking in a character of the quality of the Shame Wizard, who only briefly appears. But it's still (perhaps only alongside "Rick and Morty") the pinnacle of current Animated shows.
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Most Entertaining Episode
ozdemiroktaytuna22 January 2020
Warning: Spoilers
And probably one of the best. The symbolization of the characters with superpowers was so genius, it was fun and the powers all fit into their personalities. The cameos about Professor X and all of them were very entertaining. The message is great and the musics were fabulous. It had some pacing problems at the end but this is the way to make a season finale. The 3rd season was mostly meh. This season finale was not the finale this season deserved but the finale it needed.
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hminnitti2 November 2019
Personally i think they should do an episode about a transgender kid and how they figure things out. If not it's fine cause this is a great show about puberty for teens and adults lol
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