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Andrea Brooks: Eve Teschmacher


  • Mercy Graves : Well, well, well. Love the renno, Lena. Although I'm a little surprised you put the whole building online. It's so unlike you.

    Eve Teschmacher : [sarcastic]  Well, she's fun.

    Kara Danvers : Okay, so, what's the plan? Do we... do we split up?

    Lena Luthor : Absolutely not. Safety in numbers.

  • Eve Teschmacher : You know Kevin Oh?

    Lena Luthor : Of course I know him. He's the chief programmer for our image inducers.

    Eve Teschmacher : He's dead. He was found at his apartment complex this morning.

    Lena Luthor : Oh, my god. That's horrible.

    Eve Teschmacher : His laptop was missing, and cybersecurity just called to say that it's being used to log into the mainframe.

    Lena Luthor : [heading to her desk]  We're gonna have to block this hack before they can breach us.

  • Eve Teschmacher : The building's in lockdown.

    Lena Luthor : Mercy's here.

  • Eve Teschmacher : Mercy's taken out our whole security team and got control of the whole building. But how?

    Lena Luthor : When Mercy was head of Lex's security, she designed the whole system.

    Kara Danvers : [turning to leave, to get into superhero mode]  Okay.

    Lena Luthor : Kara, wait, wait, wait. You-you can't go out there. We're on lockdown. There's no going in or out.

    Kara Danvers : Uh... d... well, should I hide somewhere? Is there, like, a closet or somewhere where I can lay low?

    Lena Luthor : Kara, the safest place for you to be right now is with me. I know Mercy's dangerous, but I know how to handle her.

    Kara Danvers : [reluctantly going along]  Okay.

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