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Rhona Mitra: Mercy Graves



  • Mercy Graves : Well, well, well. Love the reno, Lena. Although I'm a little surprised you put the whole building online. It's so unlike you.

    Eve Teschmacher : [sarcastic]  Well, she's fun.

    Kara Danvers : Okay, so, what's the plan? Do we... do we split up?

    Lena Luthor : Absolutely not. Safety in numbers.

  • Supergirl : You know, they say the Graves twins are collector's items. Vintage Lex-era.

    Alex Danvers : Oh, and I hear that they're worth more if they never come out of the box.

    Mercy Graves : The people are angry, Agent Danvers. Their fear is metastisizing.

    Otis Graves : And you can't stop it.

    Alex Danvers : Ugh. You're right. I can't. Changing heart and minds, that's... that's not really my thing.

    Supergirl : It's mine.

    Alex Danvers : And she's really good at it.

  • Mercy Graves : People who think taking candy from a baby is easy have never taken a laptop from a prepubescent computer nerd.

    Agent Liberty : Look at Supergirl peddling help. She's going to be a problem, isn't she?

    Mercy Graves : [showing him a vial of kryptonite]  Yes. But one we can manage.

    Agent Liberty : Where did you get that?

    Mercy Graves : The web is dark and full of fun things.

    Agent Liberty : Listen to me, you have to be very careful about that. We do not want to make her a martyr.

    Mercy Graves : The only thing that you and I are going to create is chaos. This... is just a security blanket.

  • Mercy Graves : I always wondered what the House of Lena would look like. But this is more innovative and imaginative than even I expected.

    Lena Luthor : You underestimated me. It's insulting.

    Mercy Graves : You have a gift. And I don't intend to sqaunder it.

  • Mercy Graves : I have to hand it to you, this suit is such an exquisite instrument of death. This creation could really move humans into a new phase of physical excellence.

    Lena Luthor : I know. That's why I made it.

    Mercy Graves : Well, then join me. Once we destroy the image inducers, then the aliens are gonna go crawling into the light, and then we'll know exactly who we're fighting.

    Lena Luthor : I don't wanna fight them, Mercy.

    Mercy Graves : Well, isn't that what L-Corp is all about? Your fight for control and superiority?

    Lena Luthor : No, it's about doing good for the world and helping clear the Luthor name.

  • Mercy Graves : Do you remember when you were afraid to show Lex your little inventions? That you would hide them from him until they were absolutely perfect. Do you remember what he would do?

    Lena Luthor : Yeah. He'd say they were cute and I should make them in pink.

    Mercy Graves : This is exactly what he was afraid of. That you would outshine him. I know that you wanna resist, but you are just like me. You don't just wanna be the best, you are the best.

    Lena Luthor : Oh, I know I'm the best. You're the one not living up to your full potential. You've chosen a side. I'd never do that.

    Mercy Graves : All you care about is lining your pockets.

    Kara Danvers : Yeah, also she's not a murderer, so...

    Mercy Graves : Maybe that's just because she hasn't tried it yet.

    [Lena activates the other arm of the Lexosuit and fires a blast at her] 

    Mercy Graves : You missed.

    Lena Luthor : I wasn't really aiming.

  • Mercy Graves : You don't deserve the Luthor name, Earth traitor.

    Supergirl : [speeding in and restraining her]  You've got that backwards. The Luthor name doesn't deserve Lena.

    Lena Luthor : Supergirl. I'd ask how you bypassed a lockdown, but...

    Supergirl : But you're in a crisis and you're happy to see me?

    Lena Luthor : Yes. Thank you.

  • Mercy Graves : Feels strange, doesn't it, Jensen?

    Jensen : How do you know my name?

    Mercy Graves : I bet when you joined this organization, you never thought you'd be throwing humans in these cages, did you?

    Jensen : My job is to maintain peace amongst humans and aliens alike.

    Mercy Graves : They attack us. Deceive us. Those roaches wanna be us, Agent Jensen. That's why they're here. They came for our planet. And your job is to protect that, and yet here you are working side-by-side with Earth traitors and aliens.

    Jensen : No, I trust Director Danvers. And I took an oath.

    Mercy Graves : So did the president.

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