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Chyler Leigh: Alex Danvers


  • DEO Agent One : [watching President Marsdin's announcement of her resignation]  She's a traitor. She belongs in one of our cages.

    DEO Agent Two : Not revealing her identity doesn't make her a criminal.

    DEO Agent One : Yeah, it does. She's hijacked our democracy. She can't be trusted.

    Alex Danvers : [entering]  Hey! Knock it off. This is a workplace. If you wanna discuss politics, then do it on your own time. Our mission here is to defend all citizens; that is human and aliens alike. Now get back to your stations.

  • Alex Danvers : How is the president doing? I saw she didn't take the pardon.

    Supergirl : No, she didn't want to cause any more chaos. Has Mercy's brother talked? Do we have a lead on her location?

    Alex Danvers : Otis plays dumb, but he's protecting her. All he's given me is that the president was just phase one.

    Supergirl : Well, we won't let it get to phase two.

  • Supergirl : This country still has compassion and empathy. I can still reach them.

    Alex Danvers : Yesterday, I would have believed you, but... but now I fear that something fundamental has shifted.

    Supergirl : Why do you always insist on making our collective glass half empty?

    Alex Danvers : I just broke up a fight between our own people here in the DEO. And... let me show you something.

    [typing on a computer, showing Kara a few dots on a map] 

    Alex Danvers : Brainy ran a search on all the anti-alien threads that you found on the dark web. That was last night before the world found out the president was a Durlan.

    [as she types again, the number of dots increase] 

    Alex Danvers : This was from this morning.

  • J'onn J'onzz : Leadership looks good on you.

    Alex Danvers : Oh. Can't say the same for that visitor badge.

  • Alex Danvers : So, are you gonna let the staff in on all these pizzas or are you and I just gonna knock 'em out ourselves? Because challenge accepted.

    Querl Dox : Yes, uh... please, help yourself. This is apples and olives. It's my favorite.

    Alex Danvers : So, Kara just called me, and, uh... she said your image inducer was hacked.

    Querl Dox : Yes. It was just for a moment. I've been trying to find the source of which, and it seems it was commanded from the computer of a senior L-Corp programmer.

    Alex Danvers : Well, she and Lena think that Mercy's responsible, so Lena put up a firewall. No one can hack into the system.

    Querl Dox : That means the only way Mercy can access the image inducer now is through the mainframe at L-Corp, and based on the simulation I just created for her, there is a 99.99% chance that she is on her way there now.

  • Supergirl : You know, they say the Graves twins are collector's items. Vintage Lex-era.

    Alex Danvers : Oh, and I hear that they're worth more if they never come out of the box.

    Mercy Graves : The people are angry, Agent Danvers. Their fear is metastisizing.

    Otis Graves : And you can't stop it.

    Alex Danvers : Ugh. You're right. I can't. Changing heart and minds, that's... that's not really my thing.

    Supergirl : It's mine.

    Alex Danvers : And she's really good at it.

  • Querl Dox : When my image inducer malfunctioned, I discovered something... rather unsavory about Massimo. It appears he didn't appreciate my natural visage.

    Alex Danvers : He didn't know you were an alien.

    Querl Dox : He wasn't just surprised, he was... he was angry. I know that people fear what they do not know, but... but Massimo knew me. Being from Colu does not change the fact that I am also Barney of the olives and apples pizza.

    Alex Danvers : Barney?

    Querl Dox : Barney is my pizza and coffee name.

    Alex Danvers : Look at me. Not everyone is like Massimo.

    Querl Dox : I knew that Earth would face a short period of unrest while humans adjusted to their alien compatriots. I just never expected it to...

    Alex Danvers : To hurt so much? Sorry.

    Querl Dox : Hmm.

    Alex Danvers : But the next time someone tries to hurt you, you send 'em my way.

    Querl Dox : You are a true friend. All aliens deserve an Alex Danvers.

  • Alex Danvers : All right, let's try this again. Where does Mercy usually like to go after she's killed a few dozen Secret Service agents?

    Otis Graves : That Italian place on 6th Street.

    Alex Danvers : This isn't a joke.

    Otis Graves : Neither are their breadsticks.

    Alex Danvers : Okay, I get it. Out there, it's your sister that's the boss, right? But in here, I'm the boss, and I can make your life extremely miserable.

    Otis Graves : Oh, I know. I have heard stories about the DEO. Poisoned a boatload of Daxamites by lacing the atmosphere with lead? Kablooey!

    [he cackles with laughter] 

    Otis Graves : You're cruel as ice. I bet you even keep that lead dispersal device around as a trophy.

    Alex Danvers : You know what? Mercy's too smart to tell a plan like that to you.

    [as she turns her back, he rushes her, but she easily puts him on the ground] 

    Otis Graves : [in a headlock]  Ow. Ow. Why do you got to be so mean?

    Alex Danvers : [letting him go]  Jensen, take Einstein back up to his containment cell.

    Otis Graves : Oh, keep searching, boss. Those two are so far underground by now, they're probably in China.

  • Alex Danvers : Otis slipped up. When he was talking about Mercy, he referred to "those two." So she's working with another person, we gotta figure out who it is.

    Kara Danvers : Maybe it's someone she knew at LuthorCorp.

    [collecting her purse] 

    Kara Danvers : I'm heading to Lena's now. I'll try to find out.

  • Querl Dox : I checked all the cams along the boulevards from 3rd Street to 86th for detection of Mercy.

    Alex Danvers : And?

    Querl Dox : Nada. Not one lead.

  • Querl Dox : [after J'onn vists the DEO]  I do miss him.

    [seeing Alex's look] 

    Querl Dox : Not that I don't enjoy your leadership.

    [seeing her expression change again] 

    Querl Dox : I can sense that you're upset about the current state of the nation. I'd like to assure you that based on my calculations, this moment of crisis does not deeply impact our planet.

    Alex Danvers : I don't know if you've noticed, Brainy, but we're not in the future. And the future can change.

    Querl Dox : Ah! That was "snark". You snark when your blood sugar is low. I know how to help you. Pizza. Humans seem to find calm in the consumption of food. My calculations lead me to the conclusion that pizza might be the right thing at this very moment for everyone.

    Alex Danvers : [irked]  Go.

    Querl Dox : All right.

  • Alex Danvers : Supergirl, are you there?

    Kara Danvers : Oh. Sorry, hang on.

    ["answering" her phone] 

    Kara Danvers : Alex, hi. Hi. It's, uh... yeah, it's Kara. I'm here with Lena and Eve.

    Alex Danvers : So you haven't been able to get away.

    Kara Danvers : Uh, yep. Yeah, that's right. Supergirl has not arrived on the scene. Is the DEO coming?

    Alex Danvers : I can have a team to you in four minutes.

    Querl Dox : Three minutes, twenty-six seconds.

  • Alex Danvers : Have you seen Mercy yet?

    Kara Danvers : Only on every monitor in the place.

    Alex Danvers : Where are you now?

    Kara Danvers : Uh... Lena, where are we?

    Lena Luthor : Uh, east wing, third floor, corridor B.

    Alex Danvers : Brainy's gonna find a place for you to change.

    Kara Danvers : Great.

    Querl Dox : There's a broom closet 27 feet to the west. Uh, wait, no. There's a 78% chance that Mercy's mercenaries will approach from that direction.

    Kara Danvers : Okay. Any other options?

    Querl Dox : A proto lab. Unoccupied. Forty feet behind you. Wait.

    Kara Danvers : What is it? Is Mercy there?

    Querl Dox : Uh, yes. Yes. Oh, rather, no. No, uh... there's a 76.8% chance that she'll be using that corridor to reach the server room. Uh... 67%.

    Kara Danvers : Brainy, which is it?

  • Alex Danvers : Hey, you okay?

    Querl Dox : I told Supergirl to go the wrong way. She could have gotten caught.

    Alex Danvers : Everyone makes mistakes, Brainy.

    Querl Dox : No. No, not me. I predict eventualities with a 98.525% accuracy rating. It used to be 99.12% before... this happened.

    Alex Danvers : Is this about what happened at the pizza place today?

  • Alex Danvers : Jensen, hey, I'm just checking in for an update on Mercy and Otis.

    [no answer] 

    Alex Danvers : Agent Jensen, are you there?

    [no answer again] 

    Alex Danvers : Uh, pull up the camera on the containment cell.

    Querl Dox : [doing so]  Otis seems anxious. He's been pacing around in that cell for the past hour.

    Alex Danvers : [noticing something]  Wait. Wait a minute. Look at that. That's a stutter step. He's not tripping. That... that's a glitch.

    Querl Dox : The security feed's been breached. It's a hologram.

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