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Clancy Brown: Lex Luthor


  • Lex Luthor : [Mercy has broken into Stryker's to rescue Luthor and the Rookie]  Hello, Mercy. Better late than never.

    [changes into his power suit] 

    Lex Luthor : Let's get out of here.

    [to the Rookie] 

    Lex Luthor : This is the point we escape. Come on, Rookie! You're with Lex Luthor now! The greatest ever criminal mastermind!

    Mercy Graves : Are you sure about this?

    Lex Luthor : If nothing else, Rookie will be excellent cannon fodder.

  • Lex Luthor : [to Darkseid]  I am Lex Luthor, the greatest criminal mastermind of this, or any other Earth! And you have an associate of mine!

  • [If the Rookie chooses to be a hero, they walk over and stand with the League] 

    Wonder Woman : You made the right choice.

    Batman : Hmm. We'll see.

    Lex Luthor : [to the Rookie]  After everything I did for you?

    The Joker : Didn't you try and send them to the other side of the universe?

    Lex Luthor : Shut up, Joker!

    The Joker : Twice?

    [while they continue fighting, Livewire transports all the villains away except for Captain Cold, who runs off awkwardly] 

    Wonder Woman : [to the Rookie]  Coming?

    [the Rookie sets off with the League after the villains] 

  • Lex Luthor : Welcome, Grodd. We can introduce you to everyone later. I need you to help collect our next recruit.

    Gorilla Grodd : You want me to find Sinestro?

    Lex Luthor : Pick those you think would be most helpful.

    [Grodd points to Killer Frost first] 

    Scarecrow : Ooh, I can find out where Sinestro is! I'm his biggest fan!

    [Grodd points at him] 

    Scarecrow : Yes!

    Gorilla Grodd : [to the Rookie]  And you.

    Lex Luthor : The Rookie, eh? Yes, that one is becoming most useful. Very well. Any thoughts on where to start looking?

    Scarecrow : Ugh! He's been captured by the Crime Syndicate and taken to Oa.

    Gorilla Grodd : Hmm. The home of the Green Lantern Corps. I can locate a vessel to get us there.

    Lex Luthor : Very clever.

    Gorilla Grodd : Well, you didn't bring me along for my personality.

  • Black Adam : [Black Adam, Grodd, Sinestro, and the Rookie enter Lexcorp only to see the rest of the Legion laying on the floor]  It's as if they were waiting for us!

    Ultraman : Of course we were.

    [he and the rest of the Syndicate make their appearance] 

    Lex Luthor : [stepping up next to them]  Ultraman, as arranged. They're all yours.

    Ultraman : [to the villains]  Your so-called ally Lex told us you were on your way.

    Owlman : He said he simply couldn't allow this attack to succeed.

    Superwoman : You have done well, Lex.

    Lex Luthor : My tech can help you find whatever it is you're looking for, in exchange for my share of the Earth when you're done.

    The Joker : [to Ultraman]  I'd watch him, Ultra-bland. I don't thnk he can be trusted.

    [Owlman throws him into the pile of defeated villains, causing them to slide into a chamber] 

    Black Adam : Well, I came here for a fight!

    Sinestro : Get them!

    [they attack the Syndicate] 

  • Lex Luthor : [discussing the Crime Syndicate]  We'll show them how we do things on our Earth.

    Poison Ivy : But Ultraman is so powerful. We have our limits, Lex.

    [indicates the Rookie] 

    Poison Ivy : Apart from the walking power absorber here.

  • Lex Luthor : [referring to the boom tube generator]  I can use this to reverse the energy and send Apokolips back. But *only* once we have the Rookie.

    Superman : Lex, I never knew you cared.

  • Lex Luthor : Never underestimate Lex Luthor!

    Darkseid : Insignificant specks!

  • The Joker : So Lex, as you can't be trusted at all, maybe we should ask the Rookie to be our new boss.

    Lex Luthor : Hahahaha! I suggest we talk about this back at the base.

    [the Rookie transports all the villains away] 

    Batman : I hate it when I'm right.

  • Lex Luthor : [the other villains are mad at him for his betrayal]  But, who here can say if they had been in my place, they wouldn't have done the same?

    [Batman and Superman raise their hands] 

    Lex Luthor : Not you. Them!

    The Joker : [reluctantly]  Yes, I suppose.

    Harley Quinn : Yeah.

    Catwoman : He's got a point.

  • Superman : [arriving at the prison]  Stop right there, Luthor!

    Lex Luthor : Ah, Superman! I'm guessing a campfire is missing an overgrown boy scout.

    Superman : And Stryker's prison kitchen is missing one bald-headed pot washer.

    Lex Luthor : I chop the vegetables now!

    Superman : Good for you, now get back in your cell.

    [gets knocked out of the air by a blast from behind him] 

    Lex Luthor : I think not, Superman. I believe you've met...

    [the prisoner is revealed to be... ] 

    Superman : Metallo! He's too unstable to be outside that cell!

    Lex Luthor : Unstable for you, perhaps. His Kryptonite core doesn't bother me one bit.

  • Superman : [weak from Metallo's Kryptonite core]  You're not going anywhere.

    Lex Luthor : You really think you can stop me?

    Wonder Woman : No. But we can.

    [the rest of the Justice League show up] 

    Cyborg : Boo-yah!

    The Flash (Barry Allen) : Not so fast, bad guys!

    Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) : [to Metallo]  Back off. Green's my thing!

    [hits him back with a hand construct] 

  • Lex Luthor : [discussing about collecting their next recruit]  Gotham Museum has artifacts from Kahndaq on display.

    Malcolm Merlyn : Kahndaq? You're not seriously thinking about recruiting Black Adam, are you?

    Lex Luthor : The key to Black Adam's freedom lies somewhere in that exhibition.

    Gorilla Grodd : A magic prison of some kind?

    The Joker : Magic? Harley and me love magic. Can we go Lex, can we, huh? Can we, can we, can we?

    [Luthor relents. Harley kisses his cheek and Joker hugs him before both of them run out] 

  • Lex Luthor : [after saving Batman and Catwoman]  What? Is that why Darkseid took my Rookie?

    Batman : Your Rookie has the last piece of the Anti-Life Equation.

    Catwoman : If Darkseid gets the Equation, it's lights out for the entire universe.

    Superman : [referring to Luthor's save]  Not bad, Luthor. I couldn't have done better myself.

    Lex Luthor : Well, while you were away, someone had to step in and take charge.

  • Ultraman : [seeing Luthor near the Boom-Tube generator]  Luthor! No! Don't touch that.

    Owlman : You don't know what you're doing!

    Lex Luthor : Oh, but I do. Using your technology I'll soon be rid of anyone who could oppose my total rule of this planet... Hero or Villain!

    Superwoman : You tricked all of us?

    Lex Luthor : I'm going to get rid of you just like you got rid of the Justice League.

  • Batman : [confronting Luthor for his betrayal]  Are you going to come quietly?

    Lex Luthor : You're arresting me?

    Superman : You're an escaped criminal, remember?

    Lex Luthor : But, what about the Rookie?

    Superman : Rookie played a big hand in saving the planet. Then didn't deliberately leave us marooned halfway across the galaxy.

    Batman : Rookie engaged in criminal activities, like a pro.

    Wonder Woman : And that's it? You don't get a chance to make a better choice, Batman? We need to be better than that.

    [turns to the Rookie] 

    Wonder Woman : You could join us and help make a real difference.

    The Joker : Or you could...

    Lex Luthor : [covers Joker's mouth]  Yes! You could join us and have a lot more fun!

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