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Meryl is on fire!
sorianocamilo2210 June 2019
The Monterrey 5 are back and they have never been better. With a slow but powerful start, Big Littles Lies manages to thrill by creating a whole new scenario that will face the characters this season. The debut of Meryl in the series is not less than incredible, is who steals the show in this episode. Welcome Mary Louise.
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Great start to an even greater TV show
dscalachavez10 June 2019
Filled with a (yet again) wonderful soundtrack, beautiful shots that convey much more than a simple picture (Shailene Woodley dancing, and Nicole Kidman staring into the ocean are just a few that come to mind), the first episode is a perfect entrance into what hopefully will be another amazing season.

The acting is great, and with the addition of Meryl Streep, who plays a passive aggressive mourning mother, it can only get better here on out.
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Exceptionally great season 2 premiere!
UniqueParticle10 June 2019
The Monterey 5 are back in the best way possible with an outstanding addition Meryl Streep! Love this show so much and the editing in the craft was done so well. I really liked seeing Shailene Woodley dancing in a couple scenes and Douglas Smith is a decent actor included in this season.
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Monterey Five + 1
wragetz12 June 2019
10 seconds into a new season I've came to conclusion Meryl Streep is THE LAST person I wanted to be my mother-in-law ... shivers! Also I am not so sure, everything Meryl speaks was scripted :) #shortpeople
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Meryl Streep is stole the scene and she will steal the Emmy too
gautamparag10 June 2019
I was one of the people who thought the series should have ended at season 1 finale. I couldn't have been more wrong. There is so much to explore about Bonnie and the show dives right in. Awesome cinematography and score....no surprise there. But the icing on the cake had to Meryl Streep. If anyone could give the viewer chills, without even uttering an actual word.....it's Meryl. What an actor. What a Start.
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Meryl killed it ... My Reese is wonderfull and Nicole is just Nicole <3
aminembenrejeb10 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Great First episode , we can feel a new vibe in the show meryl premiere was just over the top i love her character that i think we will change a lot of thinls in th show obvi... the new trio that meryl reese and Nicole are on fire i love the other but i think that this 3 will be the glow of this season . i m loving the scenes between Maddy and Marielouise and can we talk about meryl scream OMG JUST WAW HER ACTING is sooooo Good .. and that ending line just perfect
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A Little Off, but Overall a Good Episode
hermesv-4174011 June 2019
While it is enjoyable catching up with all the characters, and meeting new players, the episode lacks the immediacy that captured my attention in the pilot. Though greatly directed, acted, and shot, the episode feels a little off. While all the jokes made me laugh, the abundance of them feels out of place. I am certainly interested in how the season will progress but right now I am not really as invested as I was in season one.
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Big fan of this show, but...
hezzachan11 June 2019
I love Big Little Lies and Meryl Streep, but I couldn't stop thinking, "This would have been perfect for Jessica Lange!"
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Monterey 5
hugofilipe2010 June 2019
What a great start! This is so promising, and the cast are more stronger than ever. This série is about the strong of women and how capable that can be if they are together. Amazing soundtrack!
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Acting is sublime
quintessential-truth11 June 2019
Seriously, if you appreciate absolutely brilliant acting, then this right here is for you. It's a masterclass from beginning to end. The two standouts in this episode were Meryl Streep and Zoe Kravitz. Meryl Streep brings such nuance to her character and here she approaches her character in such a subtle way that you wonder what her motivations are. Nonetheless, she still manages to steal every single scene she is in. Zoe Kravitz offers a performance that is authentic, sincere, and heartfelt. I suspect that she will be winning an Emmy for her performance this season, if the first episode is anything to go by.

The scenery is as beautiful as ever, the soundtrack is fabulous, and the writing is top-notch. I can't wait to see how the rest of the season unfolds.
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Not the same
trimblecali2 July 2019
I loved season 1. But to me season 2 is just not the same. I can't stand Meryl Streep's character for one. Another thing is that a lot of the plot lines just feel pointless. It just kind of feels like they're stretching based on the success of season 1.
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What have they done?
lyb3-891-98588314 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
They ruined it.

We weren't watching it for the passive aggressive comebacks and the petty grudges, we were watching it for all it's emotional honesty. For all the subtle and yet brilliant ways they showed what our secular individual-centered society is doing to how we function as communities. The witty writing was just a bonus.

Now, we get a repetitive, on-the-nose shadow of season 1 (Oh, some young bloke makes an obvious metaphor of how beauty is often a sign of danger in nature, when meeting Jane. Such an original metaphor, if this was A SHAKESPEARE PLAY AND NOT A 2019 TV SHOW). Even the editing seems like mere mimicry, it doesn't serve the plot, it just imitates the style of season 1. And everything is so repetitive. Oh, Madeline is hitting her ex husband, how wild, how funny, how original. Oh her daughter doesn't want to listen to her, I don't remember seeing that before. What happened to them opening up to each other at the end of the first season? Dumb writing. That's what happened. It's like the characters did not become any wiser from what happened, but became more stupid instead.

Should've left it a mini-series, the way IT WAS ACTUALLY INTENDED.
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Brilliant End To The Beginning....!!
kpashwinkumar611 June 2019
Wonderful cast of actors and the Edits of the recap of the season 1 at the beginning was the best. This TV show is unique in its technical aspects and Digital Intermediate Colour was just awesome that gives the mood which has to be given to the audience. Meryl is the best choice for the the most vital role that keeps the audience hooked to the seats ,and the ending scene and the dialogue is the best one which makes it one of the best ending episodes.....!!!
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Do you really care about anybody?
ObscureFilmLover11 June 2019
Last year this was an engaging mini series based on the fact that we didn't know the big secret until the end. This year we all know the big secret. And even though the mothers were over the top, each seemed to have a redeeming characteristic. For instance the Reese Witherspoon character took the Shailene Woodley character under her arm and guided her through first grade. This year, nobody is sympathetic except for the Meryl Streep character who is naturally grieving the loss of her son but doesn't know what the monster that he actually was. I will keep watching but these primary characters did nothing but grate my nerves for 80% of the first episode.
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good start
pavlomatnenko12 June 2019
Outstanding picture, great sound tracks, hope they will not collapse it!
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Very intriguing opening to what promises to be another great season of "Big Little Lies".
Councillor300419 June 2019
As you might imagine, just like many other viewers, I absolutely loved the first season of "Big Little Lies". I read the novel, watched the show and honestly couldn't imagine how they were going to continue the story without a drop of quality to the writing. The source material was covered in its entirety with the first season, and the open ending worked so perfectly that it didn't quite seem necessary to introduce a second season. However, since its announcement and with the casting of Meryl Streep, my anticipation has only increased steadily, and this premiere episode certainly did not disappoint.

The acting is beyond wonderful. We have some of the best modern actresses assembled in this cast: Meryl Streep, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Nicole Kidman, Zoë Kravitz, Laura Dern ... do I even need to continue? Everyone of them brings so much multi-faceted complexity to their respective characters. The interactions between Streep and Witherspoon were a delight to watch, and it's always great to see Kidman and Streep outacting each other. I'd assume that there were some hints at the fragility of Madeline and Ed's marriage in this episode, so it will be interesting to see their relationship unravel in future episodes.

The show has to balance several storylines in parallel, as each character has their own life to worry about as well as their shared problem(s), but it manages this complexity surprisingly well. Whereas the first season started with all the characters in completely different places and ended with them unified in their misery, it will be interesting to see where all these characters will end up at the end of season two. As of now, I have no idea how the season is going to continue, but that's a testament to its unpredictability, and it shows that "Big Little Lies" has not lost its bite yet. I'm very much looking forward to the other six episodes.
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Excellent start to season 2
gridoon202015 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Nobody has missed a beat: it's as if the series had never really stopped, which helps you step right back into a familiar world (I'm so glad they kept the extraordinary title theme). I was a little worried about the change of directors, but newcomer (to the show) Andrea Arnold maintains the dreamy, distinctive style of Jean Marc Vallee (the final nightmare sequence is beautifully designed). Meryl Street, as Perry's mother, makes an amazing debut and elevates the show without hogging the spotlight (she plays cat-and-mouse with our ladies as she tries to find out what really happened to her son). Reese Witherspoon has a powerful confrontation scene with her older daughter. Monterey looks as inviting as ever. *** out of 4.
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Dying to love this
sarahjanenorth15 June 2019
Loved the book, adored season one and was really happy to see it win accolades, get renewed and to not know in advance what will happen. I'm seriously hoping the premise of the entire season is not just focused on Streep discovering they lied to protect Bonnie and that she had raised a monster.... Whilst a lovely vehicle for Streep to win an obvious Emmy, we the audience already know these secrets and the overriding arc of season one (who dunnit to whom) was the compelling thread, with the sub plots and psycho dramas as great character writing! If this season is simply based on the dramatic irony of the lie they told - or the untold history of one of the principles - then I think I may end up disappointed and I really really don't want to be. I'm sure I will love to watch the wonderful acting as Nicole Kidman gives the most honest portrayal of the legacy of domestic abuse I've ever seen and Reese Witherspoon and Laura Dean both depicting their own brand or neurotic, helicopter parenting, I would love there to be another far reaching, serious crime, which we are as curious to see unravel as we were in season one.
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Bad Start in Season 2
mwen001-229 June 2019
That is not as good Start into season 1! Bad directing and hyper nervous editing turned the first eps into a huge disappointment! It seems like they don't trust the new plot. All the scenes are very fast and almost nervous in acting and editing! Maybe it's getting better...
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acrosby-6568112 June 2019
Enjoying the show, but it's always in the back of my mind that there are monsters like this out there in droves.
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I miss the soundtrack very nice start
eberkerbatur26 June 2019
The new season started wonderfully when the episode lasted almost 10 minutes for me passed very fast but I wish we could see right after the incident but it looks like it's going to be great this season. Everyone has said it but i will tell you again Meryl Streep acting is really great This season looks like events will go a little bit over Bonnie
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nasloranger14 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I wasn't going to write a review about this show, but I won't stop thinking about it until I do, so here goes...

First of all, I didn't read the book so I have no idea how the story ended; I can only go by what I watched in the first season. I started to watch Season 2 out of curiosity to see where they took the story after the conclusion of Season 1.

That said, I guess I just didn't get it - or believe it - when Jane recognized the wife-beating Perry as her rapist/father of her son Ziggy. Call me naive, but I honestly thought she was imagining it was him during the whole attack during the costume party. I thought because of the trauma she suffered during her rape that she simply put his face to her attacker. But to find out it was actually him who raped her years earlier had me thinking WTF?!

What are the odds that Jane would move to Monterey and become friends with Celeste, the wife of her rapist? Of all the people she could have met in that town, she meets her? That's just too much of a coincidence to be believable! Others have mentioned this also, but how is it that Celeste and Madeline and Jane all knew, without saying a word, that Perry was the rapist? Was it some sort of telepathy that these three women shared? Unspoken words and eye contact told them that, "OMG! it was HIM?!"

And now we find in the Season 2 opener that Celeste is giving Jane checks (which she isn't cashing, btw) because Ziggy "is part of Perry's estate". Are we to assume that an actual DNA test was performed to prove definitively that Ziggy is Perry's child? Wow, what a stretch in believability!

And speaking of believability, can anyone tell me how Jane can afford to live in a beach house - even a small one - in Monterey, CA? She is basically unemployed, and rents in that area are astronomically high! I mean high!! Again, what a stretch in believability!

So now Madeline has magically become a real estate agent over the summer months - and according to her, a successful one. She says the money is practically printing itself. But then we see her yakking on the phone, all the while rudely ignoring the clients she's showing a property to. Yeah, that's the kind of agent I want when I'm looking to buy a house! Once again this self-centered, ignorant, rabble rouser is just as annoying as she's always been.

I'm not going to even discuss the rest of the original cast, except to say that none of them have changed, imo. They are all a bunch of pathetic losers, and I could care less what happens to them - except for Ziggy. That little boy deserves better!

I'll finish by saying I can't stand the character that Meryl Streep portrays. The woman is creepy, and a total head case. Even if she did lose her son, who in their right mind let's out a primal scream at the dinner table, scaring the hell out of a couple little kids? Get a grip, lady! Meryl Streep is probably loving this role, but I just hate it!

Like I said in my subject line, the story is Unbelievable! I don't care what happens to any of the characters, and I'm not going to waste my time on watching whatever unbelievable junk the writers create for the rest of this season 2.

I'm done! Now that I've written this review maybe I'll stop thinking about it.
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Season 2. Good lies, bad mothers. Or maybe the other way around.
owanitall23 January 2020
The first season of Big Little Lies was about what is happening behind those glass ocean front patios of the wealthy families, lies hidden underneath the appearance of perfection. Second season looked at issues that are more universally human. What about "good" lies? To protect a friend from prison. To protect children from truth they are too young to be able to process. Is it really a good idea for a 7 year old to know that his father was a rapist? Are 2nd graders too young to be told about the threat to humanity from the climate change, leading one of them to hide in the closet and pass out. And then there was another theme running through the season that I absolutely loved - mothers. Mothers who are flawed. Struggling. Impatient. But loving. Doing what they believe is best for their children, right or wrong. And the children who may resent them, deeply, but love them nevertheless, because they know they are loved. The only character with whom I had a problem was late Perry's mother Mary Louise (Meryl Streep). A truly tragic one, she is both heartbreaking and infuriating, sometimes at the same time. The horrible things she says to Celeste (Nicole Kidman) and Jane (Shailene Woodley) are understandable - what mother wants to believe her son was a wife beater and a rapist. But why is she mean to Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) and Renata (Laura Dern)? What was the point of having her insult them? So that we don't feel too sorry for her? Or to show where her son's combination of sweetness and monstrosity came from? Or maybe those were just some of the many threads, ideas, clues, that were introduced and left hanging. Young kids learning about climate change. Child's anxiety that cannot be solved with one giant party. Jane's beau Corey's (Douglas Smith) maybe autism. And much more. There's enough stuff to unpack for at least one more season. Dare I hope?
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